POV Video Mondays - California Screamin

Announcing Four New Weekly Post Series

When I announced that I was going to close the site, I mentioned that I really wanted to finish well and have some fun with the site before it’s over. One way I’d like to do that is by launching new weekly series.

So, from now until mid-April, you can expect new posts every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Here’s a breakdown of the new series:

Superlative Sundays

On Superlative Sundays, I’ll touch on one of the roller coaster records like tallest, longest, fastest, etc. While many of us coaster fans know these record holders, those outside of the enthusiast community do not. Even though I’ll stop updating the blog regularly, it will continue to be available as a resource. So, I plan on updating these posts every so often to make sure they’re still accurate.

POV Mondays

POV Video Mondays - California ScreaminI’ve selected the best roller coaster POV (point-of-view) videos that I could find for POV Mondays. All of the videos were shot with permission, as I’m strongly against people sneaking cameras on rides. The videos include popular roller coasters here in the United States as well as a few notable rides in Asia and Europe. I’ll include a video highlight that’ll point you to a particular moment or aspect of the ride in the video.

For the first POV Monday, I showcased Disney’s California Screamin’.

Wordless Wednesdays

Wordless Wednesdays - Two out of ThreeBorrowing from the popular internet meme, where bloggers post photos with no description, I’ll post one of my photos on Wednesdays with nothing but a title to describe them. It’ll be similar to my Featured Photos posts only that they’ll be no description.

It’s been fun and challenging picking images that are interesting enough to “speak for themselves”. You’ll also be able to rate the images and it’ll be fun to see if you can guess where the photos were taken.

See my first Wordless Wednesday here: Two out of Three Ain’t Bad

Versus Thursdays

I’m putting a twist on Roller Coaster Showdowns by opening up the topics to include more than just roller coasters. You’ll be able to take your pick in theme park chains, favorite theme park food, ride types, and more. Once you vote for your favorite, you’ll be able to see how others voted.

Click on the image below to pick a side in the first showdown; Loops vs Airtime.Showdowns Are Back - Loops vs Airtime

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Which of these series are you most looking forward to reading? Leave a comment below.