Knoebels - Impulse Roller Coaster 2015

Knoebels Announces Impulse, New Roller Coaster for 2015

This week Knoebels (Elysburg, PA) announced a new roller coaster for 2015. Impulse will be a looping roller coaster designed by Zierer. RCDB has it listed with a 90-degree drop and four loops: cobra roll (2), vertical loop, and in-line twist. Its layout is reminiscent of the compact Gerstlauer Euro-fighters like Untamed and Iron Shark.
Impulse Roller Coaster Rendering - Knoebels - 2015
According to Coaster101, the tease or announcement was made via Twitter with a link to a number of renderings of the ride. You can see all of the images here: Renderings of Impulse at Knoebels.

I’ve been hoping to return to Knoebels one day as it’s been about 10 years. The park’s added quite a few attractions including Flying Turns, Kozmo’s Kurves, and Black Diamond. Add to those rides the park’s world-class one-two punch of the airtime-packed Phoenix and thrilling and unique Twister. And then top it off with one of the best dark rides around in The Haunted House and you’ve got quite a lineup. Best of all is the park’s old-school, homey atmosphere that contrasts greatly from the larger regional parks.

I’d love to head up to Knoebels in 2015 for a number of reasons, Impulse just gave me another. How do you think Impulse looks?