Loops vs Airtime – Roller Coaster Showdowns

Today, the popular Roller Coaster Showdowns series returns with a twist. This time the showdowns
will vary as they’ll include more than just roller coasters. Check back every week for another showdown, pick your side, and tell us why.

We’ll kick off Showdowns with a classic match up. While there are many different types of roller coasters, most of the larger rides will thrill you by taking you through a series of disorienting loops or lift you out of your seat by providing a brief sense of weightlessness (known as airtime by us geeks).

If you could only have one type of roller coaster, which would you pick? Do you prefer roller coasters with loops or roller coasters that provide airtime moments that lift you out of your seat?

Vote below by clicking on one of the images and you’ll see how others voted.[dil dil = 12585]

And you can read more on this debate here: Why Looping Coasters Deserve a Separate Top Ten List

Let us know why you voted the way that you did, by leaving a comment below.