Both Six Flags and Cedar Fair cater to their youngest guests with separate children’s areas offering kiddie rides and more gentle family rides. These areas have a Looney Tunes theme (Bugs Bunny, Tweetie, Daffy Duck, etc.) at the Six Flags parks and a Peanuts theme (Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Woodstock, etc) at the Cedar Fair Parks.

The rides carry names like Lucy’s Crabbie Cabbie and Road Runner Express. And, most notably, these areas are inhabited by friendly, life-sized huggable characters that you can meet and take photos with.

According to Wikipedia, The Peanuts are from a comic strip that ran from 1950 to 2000. The Looney Tunes are even older; based on animated shorts produced from 1939 to 1969.

Which of these characters do you like better for a kids area at a theme park, The Peanuts or the Looney Tunes? Which do your kids prefer?

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Also, see how a similar debate went down back in 2009: Spongebob vs Snoopy – What’s Your Take?

Let us know why you voted the way you did by leaving a comment below.

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  1. The Coaster Guy

    I think both groups are great. The Peanuts gang are much more subdued and very family friendly, so I think it’s a great fit for Cedar Fair. Likewise, most of the Looney Tunes are pretty wild and action oriented, so I think that’s a great fit for Six Flags. I feel both groups are perfect for theming a children’s area of a theme park and both are with the company they should be paired with.

    • Joel

      Nice observation about the two themes fitting the parks’ brands. To me, they both could be updated. Especially Looney Tunes.

  2. Josh

    I love the peanuts but Looney toons are very exciting and are great characters for a kids area. Though, in my opinion The Peanuts area or snoopy are always nicer then the looney tunes.

  3. Ronald Witrzek

    When Marriott built both Great America parks they knew Bugs Bunny was the most recognized cartoon character. They used the whole stable of Looney Tunes proudly. I love and collect everything Looney Tunes. I watch both old and new Looney Tunes shows. So yes, I love Looney tunes in the park.
    Sadly in Gurnee The park which gave all Six Flags the indicia rights we lost our Looney Tunes Section. For what Go-Carts. You may see a character appear here or there but unlike other beautiful Looney Tunes area’s in Texas, Georgia, St. Louis, California, Mexico…Nothing at all at Great America, very sad.
    Our hope is one day Cedar Fair will buy this Great America. When it does we all win, because the Peanuts Gang will proudly move in.

  4. Matt McIrvin

    As much as I like both of these themes, what they have in common is that both of them are, I think, fading in cultural relevance.

    I wouldn’t have expected, as a kid watching repurposed 1940s WB cartoons on TV, that Bugs Bunny’s star would be fading today after half a century of prominence, but my daughter doesn’t know who he is. (Mickey Mouse, she’s entirely clear on. One thing Disney can do endlessly is promote their back catalog.)

    • Joel

      I completely agree Matt. My kids have only ever encountered the Looney Tunes when we visited Six Flags Over Georgia last year. I feel like I saw a bunch of blank stares at the show we went to. The way the characters interact doesn’t really translate, not to mention the out-dated terms. We’ve evolved in terms of children’s entertainment and shows today are nothing like the Looney Tunes. To be honest, I’m not even sure that the original shorts were really for children specifically.

      As far as the Peanuts, my kids know them a lot better, but only because we go to our local Cedar Fair park (Carowinds) pretty often. We did show a Peanuts movie to the kids once, but I forgot how dramatic it was. Again, the pacing and content was way different than today’s shows. And, it felt like it was for adults or much older kids than mine. At least the shows at Carowinds we’ve seen were well-done have been “translated” better than the Looney Tunes show we saw.

      If you ask me, both could be retired as it seems like they’re there for the parents more than the kids. Sesame Street-theming (found at Busch Gardens) is more relevant while still being classic and parent-approved. Although it does probably skew to younger kids. That’s my two cents.

  5. Zach

    I feel like the bigger case is that the kids in the parks do not actually know what or who the characters are so they need to make them something more loved in this generation of kids.


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