Tatsu & Sky Tower at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Theme Parks with the Most Roller Coasters (Updated)

Theme Parks with the Most Roller Coasters – 2018 Update

If you’re wondering which theme parks have the most roller coasters, I’ve updated a list that includes all of the amusement parks in the World. I used the Roller Coaster Database counts and if you click on the park name it will take you to a full list of the rides.

RankTheme ParksRoller CoastersLoops
1stSix Flags Magic Mountain19 36
2ndCedar Point*1732
3rdCanada's Wonderland1614
4thKings Island1525
5thSix Flags Great America1418
6thKings Dominion*1323
6thSix Flags Great Adventure1315
6thSix Flags Over Texas138
6thEuropa Park134
7thNagashima Spa Land1211
7thSix Flags New England1219
8thSix Flags Over Georgia*1122
Counts that include 2018 roller coasters are marked with an asterisk (*).

The Loopiest Theme Parks

I also included a column with an inversion count since it’s readily available via RCDB’s Inversion Breakdown. Six Flags Magic Mountain further cements itself as the Thrill Capital (as well as the Coaster Capital) with such an insane loop count. As I’ve said in the past, I’m proud to see my home park, Carowinds, in the mix.

What’s Your Take?

Are you surprised by the list of parks with the most roller coasters? Have you been to any or most of these parks? If I’m missing any, please chime in. Leave a comment below.