Wordless Wednesday – Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad

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Today, I’m starting a new series of Wordless Wednesday posts. Other than this intro for the first one, these posts will have no text. The titles and the photos will have to speak for themselves. All of the photos were taken by me and I’ve also included a rating scale below the photos.

I thought I’d mix it up and have some fun with the site coming to a close soon. Let me know what you think and give them a rating.


Two Out of Three Roller Coasters
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  1. That photo is what I would call a great new background to get through the off season.

    • Thanks. For some of these I might ask people where they think the picture was taken, but I think this one is pretty obvious, right?

  2. Awesome shot!
    Getting two in one shot is quite an accomplishment, still yet to do it myself, and I’d really like to see a shot with three.

  3. I love that picture!:)
    Where is it taken from? The bridge? (I would like to try getting that shot next time I’m at the park, if it’s ok with you.:))

    • That was taken from the floating walkway that sits on top of the Rhine River; not the bridges. It’s down near Nessie’s interlocking loops. Here’s a link to a satellite map of the location.

      • Thanks for telling me!:) Can’t wait till my next park visit…I bet mine won’t have two trains in it though.:P


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