One thing we love to do at amusement parks is eat treats. There are foods that we don’t normally encounter in our normal day-to-day that are forever tied to amusement parks. Two of the most popular theme park treats have to be cotton candy and funnel cake (also known as fried dough).

I don’t think these two need much of an introduction. I could list the nutritional value of each for you, but I don’t think you’d appreciate that.

So, let us know. Which of these two theme park treats do you prefer? Cotton candy or funnel cake (fried dough)?

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5 Responses

  1. Joel

    I’m not big on either, but I’ll kind of miss hunting down cotton candy on my long distance trips. My wife always requested that I bring some back for her. As you can see here at Busch Gardens, she’s a big fan. Yes, she’s holding like a baby.

  2. Judy P in Pgh

    I spent 4 summers working downwind of a funnel cake stand at Kennywood. The smell of that greasy fried dough on top of blooming honeysuckle on a hot summer day was a bit overwhelming for me.

    As for all-time favorite park foods … give me Kennywood’s Potato Patch fries any day!!

  3. Steve

    This is not even close! Funnel cakes are totally awesome! THe first one I ever had was at Six Flags, Great America. But the best one I ever had by far was at Lake Geneva, WI. They actually put REAL ice cream and caramel apples on top! Cotton Candy does nothing for me but lighten the wallet.

  4. Eric

    I like funnel cakes the best… even though popcorn and cotton candy are okay. Whenever I go to Six Flags Over Georgia, I like buying funnel cake sundae, which not only comes with powdered sugar… also includes ice cream, whip cream, and fruit topping.

  5. Coastercat

    I prefer funnel cake, cotton candy gets stuck to your hand and after a while its not as good, but this gives me an idea of putting cotton candy… on funnel cake/elephant ears.


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