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Is it Time to Replace the Looney Tunes at Six Flags?

When my family and I went to Six Flags Over Georgia last year, my kids enjoyed the park’s kids section. There’s a good variety of kids rides (albeit on a bit of a steep hill not the best for strollers) that you’d typically find at your regional theme park. There’s also a good junior steel coaster called Wile E. Coyote Canyon Blaster that I highly recommend. It’s more adventurous than your typical tiny oval coaster. Sadly, it was down when we were ready to give it a go, but I know that it’s a great ride from past visits.

Anyway, we decided to finish our day at the park with a Bugs Bunny show in the amphitheater located in the kids area. I came away with a sense that the characters need to be replaced or at least the show needs to be revamped.

  • Kids Don’t Know the Looney TunesMy kids weren’t familiar with the Bugs Bunny - Six Flags Fiesta Texascharacters at all. I don’t think many of the other kids were either. I’m not sure where they would encounter the Looney Tunes in 2014 other than at their local Six Flags park.
  • Songs from Before the Parents Were Born? – The characters were performing songs that were old when the parents were kids. Maybe they’re aimed at grandparents bringing their grandkids to the park? There’s some 80’s songs I knew, but a reference to “The Girl from Epinima”, really? It won a Grammy 50 years ago!
  • Outdated Humor & Terms – He used the same antiquated terms that were out of date when we were kids like: “He’s such a maroon”, etc. These aren’t everyday, endearing terms we all know and use.
  • Seemingly Random Conflicts – In between dance numbers, Bugs would harass Daffy for some unknown reason. I know that they’re rivals from watching the show as a kid, but I’m sure that kids today have no clue. They could have had Daffy or Sylvester do something to caused Bugs to retaliate, but Daffy just wanted the spotlight; not your typical kids show villain.
  • Bugs Bunny: The Anti-Hero
    I didn’t notice when I was a kid, but now as an adult, the Bugs Bunny character comes off as kind of a jerk. I’m not really sure why I would want my kids to root for him. What redeeming qualities does he have other than comedic timing and a good catch phrase?

Watch for yourself. Here’s Looney Tunes We Got The Beat Show at Six Flags Over Georgia:

The Looney Tunes Might Be Difficult to Translate to Stage

Now, to give Six Flags some slack, I will say that it’s probably difficult to translate the cartoon chase scenes and silly battles that occurred. If that was done better we might see why we Tweetie defeating Sylvester was a good thing and maybe why Bugs Bunny outsmarting Daffy made sense. But, it did not translate at all. At least not to me. I think many of the kids were confused more so than really entertained. The show and its style are just nothing like today’s kids shows.

I watched a few old Bugs Bunny shorts recently and I was laughing out loud at one of them. It’s likely that he just doesn’t translate to the stage very well AND is also outdated. I don’t have some kind of hate for the character. I just don’t think Bugs and his kind of humor make a whole lot of sense to today’s kids. The shows were originally intended for adults many, many, many years ago.

What’s Your Take?
I’d love to know what other parents (and kids) think. Should Six Flags move on to newer kids characters or keep the Looney Tunes? Leave a comment below.

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