Banshee Roller Coaster - Kings IslandMarch is here and many of the seasonal theme parks are getting ready to re-open. I’m sure many of have started planning your theme park trips for the year and it’s always fun to see where everyone’s headed. I’ll go into my plans in another post, but first let’s hear from you.

Just as I’ve done in the past, I’d like to ask where you’re going this year. Have any of the 2014 roller coasters sparked your interest enough to make a long distance trip? Will you be returning to your home park or skipping it this year?

List the parks that you’re targeting and which of them will be first time visits. And, let us know if you have any travel questions or are trying to choose between a few different trip ideas. It could help to get some other opinions. Leave your 2014 travel plans below and vote in this poll.[poll id=”104″]

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  1. DRU

    Hoping for these new to me parks… Carowinds, Wonderland, Kings Island, and maybe Dollywood. Of course passes for home parks Kings Dominion, and SFA.
    My question would have to be Leviathan or Beast if I have to choose only one of those new to me parks for this year?

    • Judy P in Pgh

      Dollywood and Cedar Fair passes have become the norm for me and I don’t expect that to change this year. Dollywood is just an all-around great park and I can either go solo (9-hour drive from Pgh.) or take just about anyone as a partner and be guaranteed that they will have fun doing SOMETHING. I get the most use out of that particular pass in March and any time after Labor Day. Gotta love being able to ride coasters at Christmastime! It make the “off season” much shorter and more tolerable. Dollywood will probably be my first 2014 trip, followed by either Carowinds or King’s Dominion.

      Last summer, I headed to Missouri for an amazing midwest coaster-bagging trip, including Outlaw Run. This year, New England is calling me. Even though I’ve already been to 6 Flags New England and Lake Compounce, there are a few things that need to be re-checked. Joel keeps singing the praises of Superman/Bizarro, but I only got to ride it once during my previous trip. The weather was super-hot and the line extremely long. By the time I got on the train, I just wanted to be done. This time around, I hope to hit the parks on my agenda on weekdays (one of the joys of being a teacher!) Boulderdash earned it’s way into my top 10 back in 2010, so I’d like to re-check that one. I remember night rides being unrelenting, my ride partner and I nearly laughing ourselves unconscious! Other parks I’d like to add to the trip include Quassy, Canobie Lake and Great Escape. Throw in a bit of whitewater kayaking, camping and hiking and it should make for a unique trip.

      I’ll definitely be at King’s Island for Banshee, even though all of my friends know the real reason for the trip is night rides on The Beast. I’ve ridden both Leviathan and The Beast and Beast … at night, mind you … wins hands-down. Leviathan is a great ride (#10 for me), but it’s parking-lot coaster atmosphere just can’t compare to tearing through the woods on a moonless night. And DRU, it’s worth waiting around on Beast’s platform until after the 10 p.m. fireworks just to experience the frenzy that builds in the waiting crowd.

      Then, let’s add in “the Grandma Factor” … My oldest granddaughter will be turning 3 this spring. That could lead to some new-to-me parks like Sesame Place and Dutch Wonderland. Kennywood, my home park, will get at least one visit. I haven’t missed a single year since my first visit when I was only 2 months old.

  2. Brian

    I say every year that I’m going to finally make it to Knoebels and I think I’ll say that again next year. No, I’m really going to try to get there this season now that Flying Turns is open.

    Besides that, I’ll likely head to my usual destinations such as Great Adventure, Dorney Park, Coney Island, and Jersey Shore parks. I’ll also hit up about 10 carnivals.

  3. Marcia

    I have season passes for my home park, Busch Gardens Williamsburg. (and Water Country USA)

    I THINK I will get to visit Kings Dominion, too.

    And then the ‘maybe’s’….
    Six Flags Great Adventure
    Magic Kingdom
    Animal Kingdom
    Hollywood Studios
    SeaWorld Orlando
    Busch Gardens Tampa

  4. kal_el22

    I’ll probably finally make it up to Dallas for SFOT never been there even though I’ve lived in Texas my whole life and also hopefully to Busch gardens Williamsburg 😀

  5. Bobbie Butterfield

    1) Canada’s Wonderland – just booked a trip to Toronto because I’m a sucker for coasters with 300-foot drops, although I don’t expect to like Leviathan as much as the other two 300-footers I’ve ridden because I don’t enjoy B&M rides as much as Intamin rides and much prefer cable lifts on coasters of this height.
    2) Six Flags Great America – Goliath is more than sufficient motivation to fly to Chicago. Haven’t booked the trip yet because the opening date remains up in the air, no pun intended. I was hoping to go on Memorial Day weekend but when I contacted the park last week, I was told that although they hope to have Goliath up and running by then, they can’t guarantee it because the harsh winter has delayed construction.
    3) Alton Towers – maybe. Just found out that in order to fly to the UK on British Airways, I need to part not only with 40,000 avios (which I have) but also with $692 to cover taxes, surcharges and carrier fees. Ouch!

    Otherwise I’ll probably spend most of the season at my home park, Six Flags Great Adventure, with occasional visits to Hershey and Dorney. As interesting as Banshee looks, I have no intention of going to Kings Island, a park I truly hate. When I went there 2 years ago it took almost half an hour to find a parking spot, half an hour to get food and 4 hours of waiting in line to get on two coasters. KI is the worst park I’ve ever visited for that reason. And while the ride queues at Cedar Point can be equally long, I’ve never had a problem parking at Cedar Point or getting served food promptly.

  6. Mak

    I will definitely be returning to my home park, canobie lake park, multiple times this year. I’m hoping to get to SFNE, scince I haven’t been there in 8 years, and at the time I was younger and not tall enough to get on the bigger rides. I hopefully will make it to story land to get on the roar o saurus. That coaster definitely looks as if is will pack a punch. Other than that, this year will be a small year for coasters. There is also a very very small chance I might make it to funtown USA, quassy, santas village, lake compounce or SFGrAd.

  7. Mike M.

    This is a big roller coaster year for me. I have my ongoing Six Flags Season Pass so I plan on hitting up the rest of the Six Flags parks on my to-do list. Six Flags Great America, Six Flags Over Texas, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, and Six Flags New England. I’ll try to hit up Six Flags America if I’m in the area and have the time, but it’s not a priority for me.

    My wife also said she’s up for going to Branson so I’ll be hitting up Silver Dollar City as well.

    On the home front, I’ll be hitting up Busch Gardens Tampa to get on Falcon’s Fury, and will be at Universal for the Diagon Alley addition.

    After this year, my theme park list for the States will be pretty much complete!

  8. Susan

    Coming back to the US later this year. Definitely going back to Six Flags Magic Mountain. Tatsu is my favourite ride and Full Throttle opened 2 weeks after we visited last year, so it’s a must do! As well as another ride or two on X2. Will also visit Disneyland & California Adventure which we last visited in 2005.

    • Lloyd

      You must keep your hands up on full throttle, many people freak out cuz its a really big loop, and you are upside down for what seems like forever. Feels like you almost aren’t gonna make it. So awesome

  9. Rachel

    Road tripping to Canada’s wonderland, great America, kings island, and knoebels. And of course home park of SFA.

  10. Zach

    hitting up seaworld over spring break while visiting orlando and also hoping to get a cedar fair platinum pass for my home park Kings Island and get back to Cedar Point in July. Its so easy for me since I’m in Columbus so I am only an hour from each.

  11. Grant P.

    I am blessed to have two major home parks, Cedar Point and Kings Island, so i will obviously visit those a ridiculous amount of times (especially with the addition of Banshee to KI). Some parks that we have visited before and will probably visit again this year include, Dorney Park, Kings Dominion, Canada’s Wonderland (gotta try out Wonderland Mountain’s Guardian), and Six Flags Great Adventure (I won’t even look at Zumanjaro!). Some new parks that we have not been to and plan on visiting are, Six Flags New England, Hershey Park, Silver Dollar City, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Knott’s Berry Farm and possibly Lake Compounce. Its going to be a VERY busy coaster season!

  12. Koolcat

    It’s weird for me I’m think I’m going to Coney Island for the first time and I was exited when I found out that thunderbolt is coming out and I might revisit SF Great America for Goliath. I probably won’t go on the semi-annual trip to Cedar Point


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