Helix - Liseberg

POV Monday – Helix at Liseberg

Swedish park Liseberg just opened a massive terrain looper called Helix, and it looks awesome! The Mack-designed coaster features seven loops including two corkscrews, a Norwegian loop, a zero-g roll, a top hat – inside, and an in-line twist. There are also two launches throughout the ride’s hilly course and even what look to be an airtime hill or two.

Watch a POV video of Helix at Liseberg:

Note – This video was shot by professionals. For safety reasons, please DO NOT film while riding a roller coaster without permission from the park.

Liseberg’s also home to top-rated Intamin pre-fab (like El Toro at SFGADV) Balder. If I ever find myself in this part of Europe, I’ll be sure to swing by Liseberg.