Cedar Fair and Six Flags are two of the largest theme park chains in the World. Cedar Fair’s flagship park, Cedar Point (Sandusky, Ohio) has been known as The Coaster Capital for years as it boasted the most roller coasters and most record breaking roller coasters. But, in more recent years, Six Flags Magic Mountain (near Los Angeles) has taken the coaster count crown surpassing Cedar Point several times.

Today, Magic Mountain has a commanding lead. Once Speedy Gonzales Hot Rod Racers opens, it will have 19 compared to Cedar Point’s 16. Roller coaster count is one thing, but which of the parks truly has a better lineup of roller coasters?

There are some similarities and types of roller coasters that they both have. For example, you’ll find a stand-up coaster, inverted coaster, and a suspended coaster at both parks. But for the most part there aren’t great side-by-side comparisons.

So, I’m interested to see which park you think has the better arsenal. For easy reference, I’ve included lists of the Cedar Point and Six Flags Magic Mountain’s roller coasters below:

Cedar PointSix Flags Magic Mountain
Top Thrill DragsterSuperman: Escape from Krypton
Magnum XL-200Goliath
Millennium ForceTatsu
RaptorBatman The Ride
MaverickFull Throttle
Mean StreakApocalypse
MantisRiddler's Revenge
Iron DragonNinja
Wicked TwisterGreen Lantern
Cedar Creek Mine RideGold Rusher
Woodstock ExpressRoad Runner Express
Jr. GeminiSpeedy Gonzales Hot Rod Racers
Blue StreakMagic Flyer
Canyon Blaster

Which of these roller coaster rosters do you think is stronger?

THIS POLL IS CLOSED. I’ll be updating this post in 2017.
cedar point vs six flags magic mountain - 2014

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  1. coasteringkid

    I am astonished Six Flags MM is voted more than Cedar Point. I have been to both parks, and all of Cedar Point’s main coasters besides X2 and Gatekeeper are far better. While SFMM does edge out Cedar Point on most of the more minor coasters, I believe it is the world class coasters that make the park. For me, only X2 and Tatsu are comparable to MF, Maverick, Raptor, Magnum, and Top Thrill. I also agree with Joel that Apocalypse and Riddler’s Revenge trump over Mean Streak and Mantis

  2. Scott C

    I voted MM. This poll asked about roller coasters, not the entire park.
    From what I have read on numerous reviews, it is unanimously agreed that CP is a way better PARK than MM.
    If the poll had asked that question, I would have voted CP as well.

  3. Tiffany

    Cedar Point. I haven’t been to MM, and it looks like it’s better than other Six Flags? But I’ve been to the one near Chicago, which is about the same distance from home as Cedar Point. Pretty sure we went there once, and always chose Cedar Point after that. Apart from Mantis the coasters are great.

  4. Eugreen

    This is not about the staff, look of the park, popularity or cleanliness. This is about the COASTERS! And for that reason, it’s Cedar Point all the way. SFMM has more coasters but nothing that’s mind blowing. Cedar Point has legendary rides!

  5. Scott C.

    Have you been on X2? My guess is not, if you think nothing is mind blowing at SFMM. Also, Full Throttle, while very short, is right up there. Maybe not mind blowing, but pretty daggone close.

    • McKenna

      But have you ever been to Cedar Point? I mean, it has a large variety of coasters. CP has Gatekeeper, which is like X2. And, CP has Top Thrill and Millineum Force. Magnum is one of my favorites, and its 30 years old. They have 3 wooden, and Raptor, which is AWESOME. Maverick is cool too, although Mean Streak and Mantis hurt, badly. It seems that SFMM has more roller coasters, but not as great condition. Yeah sure, X2 and Full Throttle are new, but I heard from more than one that Ninja is horrible.

      • Scott C.

        My comment was only re-butting the comment that SFMM did not have anything mind blowing. I neglected to also mention Tatsu as well.
        I will point out that Ninja is one of the last suspended roller coasters left. It really is not horrible. It actually is one of the, if not the most scenic roller coasters in the park. It is a very fun ride.
        I have total respect for CP, and do think it is the better all around park.

  6. Renee

    I would have to say that Six Flags Magic Mountain! While Cedar Point may have faster and longer rides, MM has the most variation. Flying, 4th demensional, floorless, standing, dropping.

  7. M.T.

    Although I’ve never been to MM, I look at some of the stats. Its just, CP has a lot of unique coasters in the world, like MF which is one of four in the world. Also, TTD is one of two in the world. They have a great selection, flying coaster: Raptor. Hyper coaster: Magnum. Giga coaster: MF. Strata, TTD. Racing, Gemini. Winged, Gatekeeper. They have the top of the line coasters, and have it on one island. The view is great, and if you get bored going on roller coasters, you can go to the beach. If you stay at the park, you can walk right back to you hotel if you get tired. I’ve already gone once this year, and already want to go again. They also have two kid coaster, and have four kids parks. They is no doubt (unless you don’t like roller coasters) that you will never, ever be bored. The staff is great, and most of the time are enthusiastic about working and helping to serve you. This is my opinion on why CP is better than MM.

  8. Ty

    I have only been to Cedar Point but I feel as if Magic Mountain has a better overall lineup. I live in Ohio so I am biased towards my home park but if we are only comparing roller coasters then I feel MM has more to offer

  9. Ben

    I had to go with Cedar Point. I would rank the Magnum better than Goliath because even though Magnum hurts a ton, it has breathtaking airtime. Goliath would be an even better ride if that mid-course break run would not cause the ride to make a complete stop. Also, Cedar Point has more rides that appeal to families in my opinion. SFMM has awesome thrill rides, but I don’t think an 8 year old boy is going to ride a ride as intense as most coasters there. CP has great rides for everyone.

  10. Logan

    Definately Six Flags Magic Mountain! The Full Throttle is the most fun roller coaster I have ever been on! It has the world’s tallest loop, the first ever “top hat”, an awesome launch in the beginning, and a backwards launch as well! And then there’s X2 which was the world’s first 5th dimmensional roller coaster! Not only do the seats rotate 360 degrees vertically, but it also blasts fire and has a face first straight drop! I also have to give shoutouts to Tatsu for being the tallest, fastest, and longest flying-coaster, and Ridder’s revenge for being the tallest, fastest, and most inverted stand-up roller coaster and for having the tallest loop on a stand-up coaster! Although I like the Gatekeeper, Wicked Twister, and Maverick at Cedar Point, Six Flags Magic Mountain wins!

  11. Arjun

    Cedar Point got memorable mind blowing rides…I tried Six flags but not @ main place…so will not comment…..


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