Cedar Fair and Six Flags are two of the largest theme park chains in the World. Cedar Fair’s flagship park, Cedar Point (Sandusky, Ohio) has been known as The Coaster Capital for years as it boasted the most roller coasters and most record breaking roller coasters. But, in more recent years, Six Flags Magic Mountain (near Los Angeles) has taken the coaster count crown surpassing Cedar Point several times.

Today, Magic Mountain has a commanding lead. Once Speedy Gonzales Hot Rod Racers opens, it will have 19 compared to Cedar Point’s 16. Roller coaster count is one thing, but which of the parks truly has a better lineup of roller coasters?

There are some similarities and types of roller coasters that they both have. For example, you’ll find a stand-up coaster, inverted coaster, and a suspended coaster at both parks. But for the most part there aren’t great side-by-side comparisons.

So, I’m interested to see which park you think has the better arsenal. For easy reference, I’ve included lists of the Cedar Point and Six Flags Magic Mountain’s roller coasters below:

Cedar PointSix Flags Magic Mountain
Top Thrill DragsterSuperman: Escape from Krypton
Magnum XL-200Goliath
Millennium ForceTatsu
RaptorBatman The Ride
MaverickFull Throttle
Mean StreakApocalypse
MantisRiddler's Revenge
Iron DragonNinja
Wicked TwisterGreen Lantern
Cedar Creek Mine RideGold Rusher
Woodstock ExpressRoad Runner Express
Jr. GeminiSpeedy Gonzales Hot Rod Racers
Blue StreakMagic Flyer
Canyon Blaster

Which of these roller coaster rosters do you think is stronger?

THIS POLL IS CLOSED. I’ll be updating this post in 2017.
cedar point vs six flags magic mountain - 2014

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  1. Grant P.

    Id have to say Cedar Point. I may be a little biased because its an hour away from where i live, but lets look at it this way; Cedar Point’s coaster are coasters that are customized to fit the park. Many if them are “first of it’s kind” coasters, and coasters that you can’t find anywhere else. Magic Mountain has a great coaster line up however, several of their coasters can be ridden elsewhere (Goliath, Batman The Ride, Scream). Im going to MM for the first time this summer to see what all the fuss is about, but for now, this one goes to Cedar Point for their originality record breaking coasters. Don’t get me wrong though, MM has a few original, great looking coasters.

  2. Jeremy

    Both parks have a huge amount of coasters and many are well know by coasters addicts like myself. But
    Cedar Point still trumps Magic mountain in my book. Six flags may have more coasters but there main attractions just don’t stand up to Cedar point.

  3. Koolcat

    I like cedar point but I really want to go to MM because of it’s coaster line up. I choose MM.

  4. Sharon Ingraham

    It’s not just that there are 19 coasters. There are 19 great coasters. If you love to ride coasters then you’ll love Magic Mountain.

  5. Jasmine

    Both parks may have alot of rollercoaster but one only one theme park is well known and the best known theme park is six flags

  6. Angel Amaya

    Definitely six flags magic mountain!! Great coasters,food,exercise and a great time for the entire family, no matter the age. The employees are so well mannered and helpful ,they always have a smile on their face.

  7. Wyoming Rancher

    Have been to both, and
    Six Flags has the most complete selection, and Magic Mountain is THE place to go.

    I like the fact that the Park Staff are clean cut, well dressed and VERY helpful and friendly. I feel safe with my family at Magic Mountain.

  8. Juana Morales

    Definitely Six Flag Magic Mountain
    Love the vibe of the theme park. Best food and wicked rides, employees are well trained to help satisfy there guest.
    Most important it’s a wonderful place for family interaction.

  9. Mary Dow

    Guest services is fantastic at SF and the rides are WICKED!
    Best staff and the cleanest park too – both make this a no brainer!

  10. Jojets

    Most def Six Flags Magic Mountain. Nothing to compare here.

  11. mike

    Six Flags is heads and shoulders the best, cleanist friendliest and most def awesome rides and attractions!!!!

  12. Ralph

    I have been to both many times and they each have a form of one-upsman over the other… but overall the most varied and, at the end of the day, the best overall TOTALLY awesome experience is found at Cedar Point. And it has the most beautiful setting on that peninsula jutting out into Lake Erie, it’s gorgeous!

  13. Surya

    For me its Cedar Point. Mavrick, TTD and Millennium Force give it the edge.

  14. June Moriya

    By far, SIX FLAGS MAGIC MOUNTAIN has the MOST THRILLING coasters!!! Wahoooo!

  15. Joel

    It’s pretty close, but I’d probably go with Cedar Point on this one. Magic Mountain wins in a few categories, Cedar Point has Maverick, Millennium Force (which I liked, didn’t love), and I’d take Magnum over Goliath even though it’s pretty old, it has character. Meanwhile, I think I’d prefer Magic Mountain’s woodie Apocalypse over the snoozer that was Mean Streak and I know I like Riddler’s Revenge over the painful Mantis. But overall, I think I’d go with Cedar Point.

    • scott

      See, I would say Cedar Point was the winner if all of the coasters were now standing in their original form. Mean Streak, circa 93, was OUTSTANDING, but now with all of the breaks (especially on the first drop) it is indeed, a snoozer. Kids love it though, they feel like they really tested their wits. Mantis also has a break down the first hill which wasn’t originally there. Gemini used to be quite a bit smoother (that killed my back in 09) and same with Magnum though I can’t complain with the air time (about the best steel coaster ever built for air time). Sadly time has hurt these original landmarks and Magic Mountain I find superior, mostly because of X2 which is the best coaster on the planet imho.

  16. Chris

    Six Flags Magic Mountain – no contest! The coasters are great, the Park is clean and the employees are friendly and helpful!!


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