Thanks For a Great 8 Years

Before my final post on Friday, I wanted to take the time to thank everyone that’s contributed, helped, or been a part of the site in any way.

The Readers

A special thanks to long-time reader and regular commenter Judy. From sending live updates, to pictures of bruises from rides, Judy’s been a friend and regular reader for years. Thanks to DRU, Matt, ukcoasterfan, surya, and the many who read but don’t comment. I’ve been told that this has been a fun, non-judgmental, coaster site where all are welcome. We’ve created that together and I thank you all. I look to do the same in my future sites.

My Theme Park Brethren

The Season Pass PodcastThe theme park community of website owners and writers is a pretty friendly and non-territorial bunch for the most part. It’s been a blast collaborating with guys like Doug, Art, and Rob Coker, for the special Seasoned Pros editions of The Season Pass Podcast. I look to continue joining them for those shows in the future even though they couldn’t be more wrong about The Beast. Listen to our Favorite Wooden Roller Coasters episode: Seasoned Pros List Show Favorite Wooden Coasters Lists

I’ve also enjoyed connecting with site owners like Lance (the man behind Screamscape, who I met in person at Carowinds) who I interviewed at Theme Park Geekly. Joel from CoasterGallery (whose parents have great taste in names) Clint from the Coaster Crew, Mike of Coaster Radio, the team at ThrillNetwork, Duane from RCDB, and Robb from Theme Park Review.

Thanks to Devin, who hired me as a Coaster Quiz creator for Coaster-net probably some 10 years ago. I’m sure that early web experience helped me as I decided to build this site. Thanks also to This was another site that had an influence on my creation of this site.

I’d like to send a quick shout out to my international mates. It’s been fun connecting with fans who could give insight into rides I won’t likely ever ride. Thanks to Ashley Irvine (AusParks) of Australia and Nick from ThemeParkTourist of England. Also, Jivo of BloggerCoaster.

Contributors & Collaborators

I want to thank Gonch from CoasterImage for allowing me to borrow images for the site for years. Check out his brand new photos of Kings Island’s Banshee.

Thanks to the contributors to the The Coaster Critic, Theme Park Geekly, and Theme Park Syndicate: Kurt from The Coaster Guy, Aric, Nate and Jacob from Coasterdom, Trent, Matt from ValleyFairZone, Joey from ThemeParkThoughts, Rick from ThemeParkAdventure, Daryl, Austin, and Dillon from ThemeParkRides. Over the years you’ve written some great opinion posts and guest reviews of rides like Maverick and Fahrenheit (found at the bottom of the Roller Coaster Reviews page).

Theme Park Public Relations

I also want to thank the theme park public relations people that I’ve worked with over the years. While the site isn’t CNN or TIME, I appreciated being treated as a legit news outlet that fans went to for information and reviews. Many of you “got it”, and the readers benefited from your openness and responsiveness whether it was help in setting up interviews or providing media passes to a new form of media. I want to especially thank

Paula Werne of Holiday World. Her work on social media and the long-running HoliBlog should be a case study for any company on how to engage customers on the Web.

Designers & Developers

Starting with my brother who helped me with my first site logo, I want to thank the many designers and developers that have made this site and the other sites look and work the way they have. I’m not a web designer by any means. Each step forward that the site took was thanks to these guys that made me look good. Thanks to

Industrial Themes, creators of a few of my themes. And the people behind the best blogging platform around, WordPress. If anyone has any questions about what I’ve used to create this or the other sites, feel free to contact me and I’ll share.

I tried to thank everyone, but if you’ve contributed anyway, at any point over the site’s history, I thank you!