Formula Rossa - Ferrari World Abu Dhabi - Worlds Fastest Roller Coaster

The Fastest Roller Coasters in the World (Updated)

What are the fastest roller coasters in the World? I’ve updated the table below lists the 10 fastest roller coasters starting with the current record holder, Formula Rossa at Ferrari World.

The 10 Fastest Roller Coasters in the World

RankNameSpeedTheme ParkLocationYear Opened
1stFormula Rossa149.1 mphFerrari World Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi, UAE2010
2ndKingda Ka128 mphSix Flags Great AdventureNew Jersey, USA2005
3rdTop Thrill Dragster120 mphCedar PointOhio, USA2003
T-4thRed Force111.8 mphFerrari LandSalou, Spain2017
T-4thDodonpa111.8 mphFuji-Q HighlandFujiyoshida, Japan1996
5thSuperman: Escape from Krypton100 mphSix Flags Magic MountainCalifornia, USA1997
Not OperatingRing Racer99.4 mphNürburgringNürburg, Germany2013
T-6thFury 32595 mphCarowindsNorth Carolina, USA2015
T-6thSteel Dragon 200095 mphNagashima Spa LandNagashima, Japan2000
7thMillennium Force93 mphCedar PointOhio, USA2000
Updated November 2019

Have You Ridden One of the Fastest Roller Coasters in the World?

I’ve ridden only two of the roller coasters that made the list. They are Kingda Ka and Fury 325 here at my home park, Carowinds. I’d have two more (Top Thrill Dragster and Superman: Escape from Krypton) if they didn’t close just as I was about to ride them. I wonder what that says about the technology that drives them. Although, Dragster closed for rain or at least that what I assumed as I got turned away just as I was stepping into the station and the rain began.

Watch Theme Park Review take on this 149 mph monster in the video below. Notice how their cheeks are flapping in the wind and how the train sounds like a jet is flying by during the off-ride shots.

Note – This video was filmed by professionals with permission from the park. For safety reasons, please DO NOT take a camera on a roller coaster.

How many of these speed demons have you ridden? Leave a comment below.