Colossus was a twin track racing wooden coaster that was built in 1978. For 2015, the ride is getting a a steel track makeover. As Twisted Colossus, this roller coaster will not only race, but also but will also include two loops and a high-five element where the trains are tilted at 90-degrees toward each other. With the riders’ hands in the air, they’ll get the sense that they can reach out and high five the riders from the other train; although they won’t really be that close. You can see it in action in this POV video of Dualing Dragon.
Twisted Colossus - Six Flags Magic Mountain 2015 - Wide
Like the reborn Wicked Cyclone at Six Flags New England, this is another smart move from Six Flags. I was hoping we’d see an old racer transformed this way (Racing Woodies Need an Upgrade). I understand there are woodie purists that probably don’t like the trend of making wooden coasters more steel-like in feel and elements, but there are some rougher rides that can get an exciting new lease on life. Colossus is a perfect example. It was a rough, bumpy low-light of my trip to Magic Mountain. Now riders can expect a thrilling and smooth ride.

Watch this POV video of Twisted Colossus at Six Flags Magic Mountain:

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  1. DRU

    I think it will be great. My favorite parts of Lighting Racer are when you fly by the other train. It really enhances the sense of speed.

  2. Judy P in Pgh

    And Lightning Racer has great lighting effects at night to add to that feeling of speed. The best thing though … re-rides allowed if there is not no waiting in your queue!

    • DRU

      Hey judy I was wondering if you know if they ever let you do a double on Kennywood’s Racer so you can do the whole mobius loop in one seating?

  3. Judy P in Pgh

    I’ve gotten consecutive rides on Thunderbolt and Jack Rabbit, but never on The Racer.


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