Laff Trakk - Hersheypark - 2015 Glow Roller Coaster - Thumb

What Other Rides or Coasters Should Be Indoor Like Laff Trakk?

Hersheypark’s new roller coaster Laff Trakk is essentially a spinning wild mouse roller coaster inside of a dark, themed building. The glow in the dark sets look great and it’ll help the park balance its thrill machines (like Skyrush and Fahrenheit) with a family roller coaster, that incorporates some real theming.

Check out this video of Laff Trakk at Hersheypark:

What Other Rides or Roller Coasters Should be Indoor?

I really like the idea of putting a fun, new spin on a run-on-the-mill roller coaster; especially if the theming is done well. Popular examples or themed roller coasters include:Woodstock Gliders Carowinds - Charlotte NC Flight of Fear at Kings Dominion, Verbolten at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, and the now defunct Disaster Transport at Cedar Point.

Riding flat rides like scramblers and flying scooters (flyers) inside a dark, well-themed building would produce quite a different experience.

What’s Your Take
What other rides would you like to see indoor? Can you give examples of other dark, indoor roller coasters or rides that you’ve encountered? Leave a comment below.