Farmington, Utah amusement park, Lagoon is building a new roller coaster called Cannibal. The $22,000,000 roller coaster will be the park’s biggest yet with a vertical lift enclosed in a building, followed by a shocking 116-degree (beyond vertical) drop.

Last week Lagoon posted this video of Cannibal testing:



Cannibal looks like it’ll be a lot of fun. And I think it’s smart that Lagoon is capitalizing on the beyond-90-degree trend. Just as we’ve seen rides like Dare Devil Dive at Six Flags Over Georgia and Untamed at Canobie, Cannibal will take this trend to a higher level with a much taller 208′ foot peak. Again, a very neat idea and a good use of resources for a smaller park. I’d still like to make it to this Lagoon if I’m ever in Utah.

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  1. DRU

    I really like the look of this. Vertical and more than vertical drops are very fun and intense. I also like how many features it has to fly by or through. That will make it feel even faster. I also surprisingly (because I’m always worried about capacity) like the trend of smaller trains. They can pull off more dynamic maneuvers.
    I was very surprised by how much fun the new Thunderbolt at Coney Island is. It also has a funky tiny 3 row train similar to Cannibal. Thunderbolt has a couple of really distinctive moments of perfect inverted weightlessness. Don’t miss the middle row on Thunderbolt for those sweet 0G moments. Thunderbolt was more intense and rougher in front and back rows. I was surprised how rough for a brand new ride. I think a ride op mentioned they were still experimenting with different wheels.
    That being said I have high hopes for Impulse.

  2. Matt McIrvin

    Beyond-vertical drops are fun, but on Untamed and Fahrenheit, the undercut is the sort of thing that looks more terrifying to onlookers than it actually is: in practice, you’re past it so quickly that you might as well just have been dropping vertically.

    This one, though, might be a bit different just because the drop is so huge and the undercut is so extreme.

  3. ukcoasterfan

    Glad to see you back, I checked here from time to time but thought this site was pretty much done. Was very happy to see that you’re back, atleast for a little while. You should have posted that you had written a few things here on your facebook page I almost missed them.

    As far as this coaster goes, ive seen a POV and it looks amazing. Im most excited to read the reviews of this one tbh.

    It might be sacrilege to say but I find alot of these new coasters abit boring. This obviously wouldnt be the case if I were to ride them, but from reading about them and watching videos alot of them seem really similar. All the upgrades of the woodies, into hybrids isnt really exciting anymore for me to read about.

  4. Quil

    This is looking like it might be the single most intense drop on the planet. (Please no one quote me on that) Probably the biggest reason I’ll ever have for heading out to Utah.
    All of these new roller coasters Stressing the feeling of hanging upside down whereas the focus (usually) used to be bringing people upside down without letting the feeling of being upside down sink in is really making it harder for me to convince people to loopers.

  5. Frank

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  6. Mavis

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