The Layout of Afterburn at Carowinds

Where Are You Headed in 2015?

Which theme parks will you be visiting in 2015? It’s always fun to see where people will be traveling to and what new rides might have helped them choose certain parks over others.
Carolina Cyclone at Carowinds

Visiting Theme Parks Close to Home

For me, the list is short. I’ll be visiting my home park, Carowinds for Fury 325. For now, that’s all we’ve planned. It’d be great to take the family to Dollywood. It’s not far from Charlotte and has really grown to quite an impressive regional theme park more along the lines of a Busch Gardens, than a Six Flags or Cedar Fair park.

Ghost Town in the Sky is a park I’ve always wanted to visit, but I’ll have to do more research. It looks like Cliff Hanger may never re-open and my family’s not big on chair lift rides. It looks like that’s the main way to the park as it sits on a mountain top in Western North Carolina.

Which theme parks are you visiting?
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