Could Wicked Cyclone Go From Worst to First at Six Flags New England?

Six Flags New England is giving its rough, old wooden coaster a steel overhaul. This year, Cyclone will be reborn as Wicked Cyclone. If similar projects are any indication, guests can expect a super-smooth and exciting ride that’ll be nothing like what they experienced on this ride’s previous incarnation.

To see what I mean, watch this POV video of Wicked Cyclone:

Could Cyclone Go From Worst to First?

This was a very smart and much-needed move by Six Flags. In my opinion, Cyclone was easily the park’s worst roller coaster. In fact, it was one of the worst roller coasters I’ve ever ridden:

Unfortunately, I really can’t think of ANY positives for this ride. I got off this monstrosity holding my lower back. I felt more like 62 than 26. – Cyclone at Six Flags New England Review Rating: 1/10

Building a playground in place of the Cyclone would have been an improvement. So, a world-class hybrid thrill machine could be the coaster comeback story of the decade. I loved the New Texas Giant; which received a similar treatment. Wicked Cyclone should be equally as good, if not better with its exciting inversions. Finally, the award-winning top steel roller coaster in the World, Bizarro will finally have a complimentary world-class coaster at the park. I wouldn’t be surprised if some park-goers even preferred Wicked Cyclone over Bizarro. I smell a Roller Coaster Showdown.
Wicked Cyclone - Six Flags New England - 2015 Roller Coaster - Layout
What’s Your Take?
Somehow, the Cyclone was absent from this poll: Which Roller Coasters Should Get the New Texas Giant Treatment?; but it was mentioned in the comments. What do you think of Wicked Cyclone? Do you think it’ll be as great as I think? Could it become your favorite at Six Flags New England? Leave a comment below.