Dollywood 2016 Roller Coaster

Dollywood’s Cookin’ Up a Big Roller Coaster for 2016

Fans following Dollywood (Pigeon Forge, TN), have been seeing signs that they’ll be adding a major attraction in 2016. While there hasn’t been too much stated by the park, they have dropped a few hints.

Last year, there was a hint from the park that they’ll be adding the biggest attraction in their 30-year history in 2016. The park’s great wing coaster, Wild Eagle had a $20 million price tag, so whatever they’re building will be a very expensive project; likely a large roller coaster. There was also a teaser video shown at a coaster con. See below:

Construction for Dollywood’s 2016 Roller Coaster

There are also construction photos popping up on the web. They show land clearing near the front of the park in Jukebox Junction. A building has been removed and the hills near this section have been partially cleared. I was particularly interested to see the image below from Pigeon Forge TN Guide. The clearing of this hill reminded me of Lake Compounce’s legendary Boulder Dash. The way that coaster weaves its way along the side of the a mountain is spectacular.

We know from Dollywood’s other attractions like Thunderhead and Tennessee Tornado, they love to use their mountainous terrain to create unique ride experiences. It looks like this 2016 roller coaster will follow this trend.

Rumored Rocky Mountain Construction Coaster

Leading rumors point to a Rocky Mountain Construction roller coaster. If this is true, I couldn’t be happier. Sister park, Silver Dollar City, boasts an amazing RMC coaster in Outlaw Run. I was blown away by that ride and I’m sure whatever their developing for Dollywood will be just as good.

Hot Rod Theme

Lastly, the teaser video, location of the construction (1950’s-themed section), and trademark filings for Shot Rod and Lightning Rod point to an old race car theme for the roller coaster. Eastern Tennessee has a history tied to moonshine and NASCAR.

Historically, Prohibition in the 1920s outlawed the manufacture and sale of liquor, giving a new value to the homemade Appalachian liquor known as moonshine. Daredevil drivers eluded federal marshals under the cover of darkness to “run the shine from the hollers to the speakeasies” on the treacherous mountain route known as “Thunder Road.” The shine runners became local celebrities, holding public races that eventually grew into today’s NASCAR.- Aunt Bug’s Cabin Rentals

Pigeon Forge TN Guide has been following the hints and rumors for months. Check out their great sleuthing here: New Dollywood Roller Coaster for 2016.

And as always, check my favorite source for all things theme park news, Screamscape. Here’s what Lance has reported on the new roller coaster: Dollywood’s New Coaster.

What’s Your Take?
We’ll know for sure on August 7th when the park is set to make the official announcement. Until then, what do you think about these hints and rumors? What do you hope that the new ride is like?