Cotton Candy

What Are Your Theme Park Traditions?

It seems like most people have a theme park tradition of some sort. Each visit would be incomplete if they didn’t keep their ritual or streak involving a certain activity or ride or food.

For me, no trip would be complete without grabbing some cotton candy for my wife. As I’ve said in the past, I’m expected to have cotton candy in hand when I return from my theme park trips.

So, if I’m on a solo trip somewhere on the other side of the country, my long trip home begins with a quest to find cotton candy. Then, it’s to the rental car, airport, etc. And of course during family trips, we’re on the lookout for this sticky treat so we can grab some as we leave the park.

What Collectibles, Games, First / Last Rides, or Favorite Treats Do You Always Enjoy?

Maybe there’s a treat that you always eat or a souvenir that you collect each year. Some always begin or end their day with a certain ride or roller coaster.

What’s Your Take?
Let us know. What’s your theme park tradition? What do you always do, buy, ride, or eat? Leave a comment below.