Mako Roller Coaster - SeaWorld Orlando

How Will SeaWorld’s Mako Roller Coaster Measure Up?

Earlier this year, SeaWorld announced Mako, a new roller coaster that’ll open in 2016. It’ll be a 200-foot tall hyper coaster, reaching speeds of 75 mph. Mako’s stature and size will make it Orlando’s tallest, longest and fastest roller coaster.

Here’s a POV video of Mako at SeaWorld:

For me, there’s no question that this will be a solid roller coaster. Bolliger & Mabillard’s track records is impeccable. And, they’ve worked with SeaWorld on a number of roller coasters including the popular Kraken and Manta roller coasters.

How Will Mako Be Received?

So, I have no doubt that it’ll be a good (probably great) roller coaster. But, in the competitive thrill-packed landscape of Orlando, will a roller coaster like Mako, register with tourists and boost attendance?

Will height, airtime, and high-quality theming be enough when you’ve got on-ride sound systems, heavily themed indoor rides, and 4D attractions at area parks. I hope so, as I can definitely appreciate an adventurous out and back roller coaster from my favorite steel coaster designers (B&M). If I were SeaWorld, I’d continue to hype up the height angle. Superlatives always do well to get attention.

What’s Your Take?
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