Total Mayhem Roller Coaster - Six Flags Great Adventure PreviewSix Flags Great Adventure (Jackson, New Jersey) announced their 13th roller coaster a few days ago. In 2016, Total Mayhem will open offering one of the wildest rides on the east coast. This 4th dimension roller coaster will spin riders 360 degrees while they traverse a course including: “two beyond 90-degree raven drops and at least six weightless flips.” The ride looks to be identical to 2015’s Batman The Ride that opened at Six Flags Fiesta Texas.

More at: Great Adventure’s Total Mayhem Page

Low Interest for Total Mayhem

While 4D roller coaster X2 was quite a memorable experience, it wouldn’t say it was one of my favorite. And these compact 4D roller coasters don’t really interest me. They look intense and will certainly draw a lot of eyeballs and attention, but I don’t see the appeal in feeling like I’m being tossed around in a dryer.

I’m much more interested in 2016 roller coasters Dollywood’s Lightning Rod and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom’s Joker. If I find myself at Great Adventure it’ll be for their El Toro, one of the best wooden coasters in the World, or the excellent hyper coaster, Nitro.

Check out this video of Total Mayhem to get an idea of what’s to come:

What’s Your Take?
Are you looking forward to this ride? Have you ridden its clone at Six Flags Fiesta Texas? If so, what’d you think? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Zac

    Unfortunately, I agree. Great Adventure is my home park and I’m really disappointed with this announcement. I mean, it looks sharp and I’m sure the general public will enjoy it, but it’s not what I would have wanted to see. Even a custom El Loco with the 4-across Green Lantern cars would have been far preferable to this, IMO. A mini diver like Oblivion: Black Hole or Baron 1898 would have added to the park’s impressive B&M lineup, though obviously a larger footprint and higher price tag. Probably out of budget, but there were other options I’m sure.

    Even if there were legitimate reasons why they specifically wanted to build a 4D Free Fly and NOTHING ELSE would do, it doesn’t really change the fact that I’m disappointed. The icing on top of the crud cake is that much like Tempesto at Busch, capacity on Total Mayhem is going to be a serious bear during summer weekends and Fright Fest. It’s just an extra slap in the face that we’ve waited so long for a new coaster.

  2. Eric

    Standard 4-D coaster (X2) would be too expensive. I would have preferred X-Flight clone (B&M wing coaster)… or a Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast or Full Throttle type launch coaster (from Premier Rides) over the Free Fly 4-D coaster. Or to make up for the 2013 closure of Rolling Thunder, a family-friendly out and back wood coaster (from GCI or Gravity Group) would’ve been good.

    I’ve noticed the other SF parks. Discovery Kingdom is re-theming Roar into The Joker with RMC renovation. Great America and Mexico getting Justice League. Super-Loop/Fireball rides coming to 4 more parks. Over Texas receiving 3 flat rides. Over Georgia renovating the children’s section. Magic Mountain restoring Revolution to its former glory.

    2017 announcement may be another year away… I have a couple of predictions. RMC renovations of Georgia Cyclone and The Boss at Over Georgia and St. Louis, respectively… Over Texas receiving a much anticipated new coaster… Great Adventure receiving Justice League… new flat rides and/or Hurricane Harbor expansions for Great America and Magic Mountain.

    • Juliette

      Omgeee! So, so proud of you. What an example ineded, my friend. That takes courage and determination and I know you will have great success. I can wait to get my hands on it. Congrats for taking the leap:)!Cari recently posted..

  3. Michael

    I can’t wait to ride it. It will be my first ever 4D Roller coaster that I’ve ever went on. Can’t wait when my cousin rides this or he might chicken out like the other rides that he chickened out on.

  4. Seiko

    If they were going to make another one, could they at least make an original design? It’s indentical to the fiesta texas “Batman the ride.” Why not make it a bit bigger, taller, faster, variate it. We would’ve been much better off with a custom RMC, an actual wing coaster like Gatekeeper, or a dive coaster. Hopefully the RMC thing will happen, though if it’s b4 2018 i’d be shocked given it’s already been five years since the park got “Green Lantern” the transport.


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