Fun Spot America - New Mine Blower Roller Coaster - 2017

Looping Wooden Coaster Mine Blower Coming to Fun Spot America

Mine Blower to Open at Fun Spot America

Fun Spot America’s Kissimmee Florida park will open a new wooden roller coaster called Mine Blower in 2017. The ride will be 82 feet tall, 2,256 feet long, and reach speeds of 48.5 mph. Most notably, Mine Blower will flip riders upside-down with a barrel roll loop; a very rare maneuver for a wooden coaster.

What to Expect: A Wild, But Smooth Ride

Given the designers of Mine Blower, riders should expect an action-packed, but relatively smooth ride. Gravity Group’s rides are some of the most well-respected in the industry. Also, new roller coasters are usually very smooth and ridable in their early years. So, if you equate wooden coasters with being rickety and rough, you should be pleasantly surprised.

The ride’s small footprint will mean no breaks to catch your breath. After the lift hill, expect a wild ride including another rare element in the 115 degree over-banked curve. That unusually steep turn will┬ámake riders feel like they might get dumped out of the train as it leans over with extreme banking.
Fun Spot America - Mine Blower Roller Coaster - Stats
Mine Blower was aptly named as its corkscrew (or barrel roll) will surprise riders that are used to conventional wooden roller coasters. Even well-traveled coaster enthusiasts probably haven’t encountered the few looping wooden roller coasters that have emerged in recent years.

Preview Video of Mine Blower at Fun Spot America – Kissimmee

Want a preview? Take a spin on this animated video of Mine Blower.

For more on Mine Blower, visit Fun Spot’s Site and their Facebook page.

What’s Your Take?
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