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Wave Breaker: The Rescue Coaster Coming to SeaWorld San Antonio

Wave Breaker Rescue Coaster Coming to SeaWorld San Antonio

In 2017, SeaWorld San Antonio will open Wave Breaker: The Rescue Coaster. The ride will be 61 feet tall, 2,600 feet long, and it will include two launches. Wave Breaker will feature trains designed to look like jet skis and it will incorporate an animal rescue theme.

“Replicating an adventure limited to only a few trained professionals, Wave Breaker will launch riders into an exhilarating experience similar to going on an animal rescue mission. The coaster is sure to thrill, but also brings awareness to the brave efforts of our animal teams as they join forces with organizations around the world to help ill, injured, orphaned and abandoned animals.”
– SeaWorld San Antonio Park President Carl Lum

What to Expect: A Fast, Fun Edutaining Ride

Wave Breaker should be an excellent family roller coaster with a fun, but not too intense course. The minimum height requirement of 48 inches means that younger riders will get to enjoy it. Also, the lack of loops and relatively low speed (44 mph), mean it should be a broad crowd-pleaser.
Wave Breaker Roller Coaster SeaWorld - San Antonio
SeaWorld’s smart to incorporate the animal rescue theme. New attractions garner a lot of attention and using this opportunity to educate the public on the park’s mission is a brilliant idea given the company’s past controversies. I’m rooting for SeaWorld’s new CEO, Joel Manby. Not just because he’s got a great first name, but also because I enjoyed talking to him during an interview when he was at Herschend.

Teaser Video for the Wave Breaker Rescue Coaster

Want a preview? Take a spin on this animated video of Wave Breaker.

For more on Wave Breaker, visit the official site.

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