B&M Roller Coasters Are Not “Forceless”

In response to Bobbie’s recent post, 10 most intense roller coasters, someone remarked on Facebook that they were surprised Fury 325 was included in her list because the designer (Bolliger & Mabillard) is often criticized for creating “forceless” rides. Fury is a 325-foot tall giga coaster with a top speed of 95 mph. It’s one of the tallest, fastest, and longest roller coasters in the World.

As you’d imagine with that kind of stature, it delivers a really fast and intense ride. Trust me, a ride in the front seat will give you a good cheek-pressing thanks to those high-speeds. Read my full Fury review.

Are B&M Coasters Really Tame & Forceless?

So why do B&M roller coasters have the reputation of being forceless? They’ve made all varieties of thrilling, looping, and diving steel coasters ride-able and at times infinitely re-ridable for the masses. So, their creations can be appreciated by everyone, not just thrill seekers or those well-trained in the arts of defensive riding.

I will meet the critics half-way, in their feeling that there’s a “taming” of these twisted steel monsters. It’s true that you might find some loops are seamless and the flips don’t exert a lot of g-forces on your body. Their wing roller coasters are a good example. Both Wild Eagle and X-Flight maneuver through their loops and turns in such a silky smooth way that (to some) they might seem surprisingly tame given the odd seating position.X-Flight - Flight Tower - Six Flags Great America

You might also find more floater airtime (being lightly lifted out of your seat) than ejector airtime (being forcefully yanked out of your seat). On B&M Roller coasters you won’t typically find a helix or really intense turn that’ll cause grey outs from the g-forces (like Goliath at Magic Mountain) or extreme airtime (like Skyrush).

To Each Their Own, But B&Ms ≠ Forceless

But, I think many who use the term “forceless” are again those who prefer more extreme and challenging roller coasters. Those where the g-forces throw you around like a rag doll.

In my opinion, this is like people with a preference for really hot and spicy food claiming a food that’s hot to the majority of people is “not hot”. It’s relative.Hot Wings - Alondras Hot Wings Long Beach

And if I were going to be technical, there are actual g-force measurements that can prove B&M coasters are quite “forceful”, but I know that’s not what people really mean. So in wrapping up, I think this is what people are trying to say when they call B&M’s forceless:

Statement: “B&M coasters are forceless.”
Translation: “B&Ms are less intense than some other coasters.”

What’s Your Take?
Have you heard of B&M’s forceless reputation? What do you think? Leave your take below.

Photo Credit: Image 2 from punctuated via Creative Commons