Today, Silver Dollar City announced their 2018 roller coaster, Time Traveler, the world’s tallest, fastest, and steepest spinning roller coaster. Time Traveler will have an unusual beginning, starting with a massive drop right out of the station. As the ride begins, riders will plummet down a 90-degree 100 foot tall drop, traverse through a three loops (vertical loop, dive loop, zero-g roll), hit two launch sections, all while the cars that spin throughout the ride.
Time Traveler - Silver Dollar City
Here’s an animated video of Time Traveler:

Time Traveler joins Silver Dollar City’s great roller coaster lineup including rides like: looping hybrid coaster Outlaw Run, looping steel coaster Wildfire, and launch coaster Powder Keg.
Time Traveler 2018 - Silver Dollar City
More details at Silver Dollar City’s Time Traveler site.

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  1. Jay Rock

    Intamin Gigas. B&M’s are pretty awesome too though. I wish someone would go ham and build a 400-footer… a real one, not a 20 second tease.


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