Time Traveler 2018 - Silver Dollar City

Silver Dollar City Announces Time Traveler Roller Coaster

Today, Silver Dollar City announced their 2018 roller coaster, Time Traveler, the world’s tallest, fastest, and steepest spinning roller coaster. Time Traveler will have an unusual beginning, starting with a massive drop right out of the station. As the ride begins, riders will plummet down a 90-degree 100 foot tall drop, traverse through a three loops (vertical loop, dive loop, zero-g roll), hit two launch sections, all while the cars that spin throughout the ride.
Time Traveler - Silver Dollar City
Here’s an animated video of Time Traveler:

Time Traveler joins Silver Dollar City’s great roller coaster lineup including rides like: looping hybrid coaster Outlaw Run, looping steel coaster Wildfire, and launch coaster Powder Keg.
Time Traveler 2018 - Silver Dollar City
More details at Silver Dollar City’s Time Traveler site.

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