Six Flags Over Georgia just announced Twisted Cyclone, a new roller coaster for 2018. The new attraction will replace the park’s wooden roller coaster, Georgia Cyclone. Rather than a full demolition or removal of the Georgia Cyclone, Six Flags will be using much of the current ride’s structure, but will incorporate exciting new elements thanks to Twisted Cyclone’s steel rails.
Twisted Cyclone - Six Flags Over Georgia - 2018 Roller Coaster
In 2018, Six Flags Over Georgia fans will meet quite a different experience than the Cyclone they’re use to. Twisted Cyclone will thrill riders with a steep 75-degree drop, a reverse cobra roll including two loops, another loop (a 360-degree roll) and 10 airtime moments. To learn more about the previous version of this ride visit RCDB’s Georgia Cyclone page.

This follows a trend by Six Flags as we’ve seen similar transformations in rides like Wicked Cyclone in New England and Iron Rattler in Texas.
Twisted Cyclone - Six Flags Over Georgia - 2018 Roller Coaster 3

My Take – Another Welcomed Steel Rebirth

After announcing earlier this summer that wooden coaster Georgia Cyclone would go away forever, I had a suspicion that this could mean it would only be “going away” in its current form. Only to be reborn as a hybrid Rocky Mountain Construction roller coaster like we’ve seen many times over the past five years. Like other transformations, the general footprint of the ride looks about the same, but the elements will be all-new.
Twisted Cyclone - Six Flags Over Georgia - 2018 Roller Coaster 2

I really like how they’ve incorporated two inversions in the cobra roll. It’s neat to see how a clone of the legendary Coney Island Cyclone could be transformed into a steel looper. And personally, since I live in North Carolina, I’m excited to have two Rocky Mountain Construction roller coasters within 5 hours from me. The other being the recently announced Twisted Timbers at Kings Dominion.

Here’s an animated POV and off-ride video previewing what we can expect from Twisted Cyclone:

What’s Your Take?
How do you think Twisted Cyclone looks? Will you miss Georgia Cyclone? Leave a comment below.

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3 Responses

  1. Eric

    I may be one of a few to predict the “Twisted Cyclone” name. I like the blue track… hopefully it’ll have a blue train, as well as a red train. I do notice it being a bit shorter than the previous Georgia Cyclone… could see it containing a helix element before the brake-run, going back into the station. It looks good, and hopefully it packs a punch. Like that cobra-roll style element (not sure what it’ll be called, or if it’ll be called a reverse cobra-roll). It’ll be interesting to see more wood coasters getting I-Box re-track… I see Roar (Six Flags America) and Le Monstre (La Ronde) getting this makeover for sure… The Boss (Six Flags St. Louis) would look good too, assuming SFSL and RMC get around to it eventually. I could see Hurler (Carowinds) getting it as well. There’s been speculation about Gwazi (Busch Gardens Tampa) getting I-Box, but I would say that the jury’s still out on that one. Predator (Darien Lake) would be a good I-Box re-track candidate too.

  2. Chris

    Eric, the reason Twisted Cyclone seems shorter is because it is shorter! The 3rd lap from Georgia Cyclone was omitted from the Twisted Cyclone video. There’s been a LOT of speculation about this ride but I’m hoping ALL the complaints will “encourage” Six Flags not to remove the 3rd lap from the finished ride. A fellow coaster lover sent me a video of Alan Schilke who designs the RMCs and he said he’s ALWAYS making last minute changes to rides so I’m hoping that will happen with Twisted Cyclone! You gotta peep this Planet Coaster video rendering of Twisted Cyclone with the 3rd lap from Georgia Cyclone. It’s AWESOME!!!

  3. CoDAce

    I was looking forward to this ride since 2016 (I originally predicted it for 2017), when they announced that Georgia Cyclone was closing I got excited. Then the POV dropped and this went from my most anticipated ride in a long time to a ride that I despise in less than a day.

    The moment that the train went into the brake run I realized that something was off and I went right to find a POV of the original. It was then I discovered that they honestly didn’t bother finishing the ride properly and instead hit autocomplete to finish it. After what Cedar Fair did to Big Dipper (I’ll never forgive them for that atrocity) my top 3 parks to visit in the area was Dollywood at the top, over Georgia in second (thanks to what CF did to Big Dipper) and Carowinds third. Twisted Cyclone actually moved Carowinds back up to the number-two spot.

    Twisted Cyclone actually KILLED my motivation to get back out to that park despite Mindbender being both my #1 steel and #1 coaster (it outperformed Goliath). I missed out on Ninja (now Blue Hawk, deliberately BTW), Superman Ultimate Flight (was down all day) and Georgia Cyclone.

    The only thing that might encourage me to want to get out to the park is that next season will be Mindbender’s 40th season of operation, and even then I probably wouldn’t ride Twisted Cyclone until I ride a better RMC as it looks that bad. But even then I’d rather gamble on Lightning Rod instead or ride Goliath at Great America

    I live in Wisconsin but I have relatives who live in Georgia who live about a half-hour away from the park which is how I was able to visit the place in 2014 where Mindbender stole the show.

    I’d go as far as to say that Twisted Cyclone is one of the worst coasters to open this decade because the design doesn’t even look properly finished. As much as I hate rides like Verbolten or Valravn for either horribly wasting great land and Valravn being a pathetic excuse for a major ‘record-breaking’ Cedar Point coaster, at least those rides look like complete experiences unlike this abomination that has an ending so forced that it’s painful to watch.

    I trusted Six Flags with this as they’ve done it countless times before and they screwed it up so badly that I’m EMBARRSED to have predicted it for 2018 now. IMHO they were better off leaving Georgia Cyclone alone than making this unfinished abomination. Not only that but Twisted Cyclone lowered the bar for ALL RMC conversions from this point on.

    Honestly Six Flags should start working with Vekoma again as they’ve been on a roll, Lech Coaster looks amazing (cost about $5.15 million USD BTW), I liked the Vekoma hyper concept for Energylandia better than ANY of the Intamin designs (still bitter about that), Formula at Energylandia looks really good as does the Firestorm model.

    Vekoma ain’t the trash company they used to be anymore. If I have to ride every single Vekoma SLC in the U.S. five times each back-to-back for you guys to come back I’d put myself through that torture just for that to happen.


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