Today, Kings Dominion (Doswell, Virginia) officially announced details of their 2018 roller coaster. The revamped Hurler roller coaster will become Twisted Timbers. The project involves re-fitting the coaster with new steel track, re-profiling the ride’s structure, and changing its layout. The ride will begin with a taller and wilder drop that’ll include a barrel roll loop.
Twisted Timbers Roller Coaster 2018 - Kings Dominion
Hurler was originally built in 1994 when the then Paramount’s Kings Dominion gave it a theme tied to the Wayne’s World movie. The ride has been closed for the 2015 and 2016 seasons so that it could undergo its transformation. Like other Rocky Mountain Coaster projects (New Texas Giant and Iron Rattler), this wooden roller coaster will essentially be converted to a steel coaster with some exciting new elements.
Twisted Timbers - Kings Dominion 2018 Roller Coaster

Comparing Hurler to Twisted Timbers

Roller CoasterTwisted TimbersHurler
Length3,351 feet3,157 feet
Height109 feet83 feet
Speed54 mph50 mph
Airtime20 moments4 hills

Here’s preview video of Kings Dominion’s new Twisted Timbers:

As you can see, Twisted Timbers will be quite an enhanced version of Hurler. Aside from portions of the layout and the location of the ride, this will essentially be a whole new experience for park guests familiar with Hurler.

What’s Your Take?

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  1. Ethan

    This is the coaster that Kings Dominion has needed for a while- a low to the ground, airtime filled, crowd-pleaser. When it was initially rumored that RMC would be taking on the project of converting Hurler, I was skeptical at first. Don’t get me wrong, RMC is by far one of my favorite ride companies, but I had no clue how they’d work with such a weak layout and make it something great. Looking at this layout for the first time, I see now that RMC can do anything with a old ride layout and make it great. This will be one of the more popular rides in the park.

    The theme is interesting to say the least. Despite the layout and the manufacturer, one could easily mistake this coaster for one that’s currently residing in southwest Ohio. Perhaps Cedar Fair is trying to draw similarity to its two “Kings” parks or maybe there was a sale on the word “Timber” in the trademark shop. Much like “Mystic Timbers”, “Twisted Timbers” follows a story of an local company which has since been abandoned by unknown events. This time instead of an old lumber company, its an old orchard. There’s even an old truck incorporated into the theme similar to “Mystic Timbers”. Similarities aside, I like the fact that they incorporated the coaster’s theme into the park’s newly refurbished “Candy Apple Grove.” Also, I like how the park was able to do something unique with the station and make it look like a barn/warehouse instead of just a giant white building. I really like how Matt Ouimet has recently been incorporating a story into the actual coaster rather than just slapping a name on a ride and calling it a day.

    Overall this is a great looking coaster that will draw in crowds. It might not be the tallest, longest, or fastest RMC, but it gets the job done and does it well.

  2. Sam Bayless

    Looks like a really great coaster! Too bad people will compare it to Steel Vengance though.

  3. T2

    Will it be open for the 2018 season? I’m headed there in early June.

    • Joel

      Yes. It should be open by then. I haven’t seen an official opening day, but I’d imagine it’ll be near when the park opens (March 24th). Come back and let us know what you think of it after you ride it.

      • T2

        I sure will! This year’s trip is a loop from where I live in Canton, OH down to BGW, Kings Dominion, Carowinds, Dollywood, then a stop at Kings Island on the way home.

  4. Guy Bartels

    Twisted Timbers is a Hybrid Steel Coaster on a wooden Frame.
    Oh boy this sure is one fast coaster. You go upside down 3 time. But you don’t feel like you are upside down
    Because you go so fast MPH. I just love the layout of the coaster. The Train car is an old type of car.
    I rode it in the front seat. And I like following the track. They do take your picture on Twisted Timbers.
    You can’t have and loose items while on the coaster. But there’s a Locker next to Twisted Timbers. And it’s only $2.00 for 2 hours. And you create your own Combination. You have to put your stuff in a locker or with a none rider. I really love the air time and there’s lots of air time on Twisted Timbers coaster. In fact you feel like you are coming out of your seat. Oh there’s lots & lots of twists and turns. And lots of humps. At the entrance of Twisted Timbers there’s an old car. And you also see old tracker,truck,car as you go up the stairs to the train you see the tracker up high.Twisted Timbers Coaster is a must ride. I rate Twisted Timbers 10 out of 10.

  5. Kris

    When I went to kings dominion the ride kept having mechanical issues. Overall I thought the ride was great and was worth the wait.

  6. Roger

    Just rode Twisted Timbers a few days ago. On my first ride, I rode in the second row of the first car, and I was underwhelmed. The airtime seemed muted, and the ride felt a little slow. Then I rode in the back car… HUGE difference! In the front, this ride is about a 6. In the back, it’s a 9.5. The airtime is so much better in the back, and the ride feels a lot faster overall. However, I made the mistake of riding this two days after tackling Steel Vengeance. SV is so great, it makes every other ride seem a little less exciting. Still, TT is a great ride.

  7. T2

    Having returned from a week-long amusement park tour, I can now say that Twisted Timbers (I rode TT on 6/4) is a good ride – but man – after having ridden Steel Vengeance already – it’s like Big Daddy and Junior. If you have no access to Steel Vengeance, you’re going to love Twisted Timbers.


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