Electric Eel Coming to SeaWorld San Diego in 2018

In 2018, SeaWorld San Diego will open a new launched looping roller coaster called Electric Eel. It’ll be a 150 foot tall and reach speeds of 60 mph. While it’ll have a small footprint, at only 863 feet in length, guests will be challenged by the launches, the rare non-inverting loop, and an in-line twist high above the park. Electric Eel will be SeaWorld San Diego’s third roller coaster and its tallest and fastest.

Designed by Premier Rides, this Sky Rocket II model is identical to Tempesto at Busch Gardens Williamsburg (another park in the SeaWorld parks chain) and it’s also identical to the well-received Superman Ultimate Flight at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.

My Take – Electric Eel Will Bring Much Needed Thrills to the Area

As one person commented on YouTube, “FINALLY! A roller coaster in San Diego to go upside down!!!”. Unlike the sister parks in Orlando and San Antonio, SeaWorld San Diego hasn’t had as many thrilling roller coasters in their roster. Electric Eel will join the themed water roller coaster Journey to Atlantis and the Mack family launcher, Manta. I’m interested to see how SeaWorld incorporates underwater theming elements to enhance the experience even further. The SeaWorld family of parks usually bring their A-game when it comes to ride theming.

Although, I was critical about the addition of Tempesto to Busch Gardens Williamsburg, I feel that Electric Eel is the right kind of addition to a park like SeaWorld San Diego. They’re giving the loop-starved masses something they can’t find without going to Los Angeles and rounding out their attractions with a small, but more extreme offering.
What’s Your Take?
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