It became known sometime in December that Dorney Park was going to get rid of its Vekoma shuttle coaster, Stinger.  (See my post of December 17, 2017, Showdown and Rant: Goliath vs. Stinger.) Since then it’s been confirmed that Stinger has left Dorney.  

And the park didn’t waste any time disposing of it.  Amid speculation as to whether the coaster would be scrapped or relocated, I discovered that it’s actually been listed for sale, for the better part of a month, on an amusement ride website as Suspended Boomerang Coaster.  Any takers?

Photo by Bobbie Butterfield

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Hi! I took up roller coasters late in life, 8 years ago at the age of 59 and am trying to make up for lost time. Most of my favorite coasters were made by Intamin and lately, Rocky Mountain Construction. I love Hersheypark not only because it's the sweetest place on earth but because the three major coasters are Intamins. In real life I work in the legal profession.

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  1. Joel

    Interesting that it was just moved there in 2012 from California’s Great America. I wonder why they decided to sell it.

    Anyone who’s visited Dorney have any ideas?

  2. Brian MacDonald

    I think the main complaint about Stinger is that it had maintenance problems. It seemed to be down most of the times I went to Dorney, and I’ve heard others say the same. I think it’s likely that Dorney had something else they want to do with the space. I always think of that area as the “back” of the park, because it’s at the bottom of the hill, far away from Hydra and Talon, and far from the water park. However, that’s where the entrance to Steel Force is, and Thunderhawk and Possessed, so it’s not like it’s some hidden corner. Head there first thing in the morning, though, and you’ll get lots of of short lines while everybody else is in line for Talon.

  3. Dru

    Same story for me it was only open one of the times I was there and It’s too old hat to care about.


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