Adrenaline Peak To Open At Oaks Amusement Park

Adrenaline Peak to Open at Oaks Amusement Park

Oaks Amusement Park in Portland, OR has announced that their new for 2018 attraction, Adrenaline Peak, will open on March 24.  The 72-foot tall Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter features 1,050 feet of track, a beyond- vertical drop and three inversions: 97-foot loop, Immelmann turn and heartline roll.  (Note that whereas Oaks refers to the second inversion as an Immelmann turn, rcdb – Roller Coaster Database – refers to it as a cutback.)   I was unable to find a POV animation but this looks strikingly similar to Untamed at Canobie Lake Park.

Photo courtesy of Oaks Amusement Park

Oaks had held a contest to name the new coaster and this is the result.  The pre-launch party will be held on March 24 from 10:00 a.m. to noon and for $100 per person, first riders can enjoy unlimited rides on Adrenaline Peak.  Tickets went on sale yesterday.

What’s your take?  Is this something you’d especially want to ride?  (Sorry to editorialize here, but Gerstlauer is my 3rd favorite ride manufacturer, after Intamin and Rocky Mountain Construction.)