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Actually, maybe rogue is the wrong word. Why offend, if you would really just want to go your own way? Perhaps, you are more of a maverick. This 2007 Intamin terrain-hugging LSM launch coaster has been the wildest part of Frontier Town at Cedar Point, and it seems plenty happy to have gone a separate way from Mean Streak. Instead of becoming rougher and less confidence-inspiring over the years, Maverick has continued to improve. In 2015, softer more flexible restraints were added that significantly improved its ride quality.

New for 2018 improvements announcements at Cedar Point confirmed that the light and smoke effects will be restored in its launch tunnel which should help to heighten the wow factor of its already exciting 70 mph launch. Immediately following the launch, though you immediately bolt left and soar up into a braked hill that chops off some momentum, when you dive back down to the right (as seen above) you can really feel how much more energy the last three elements of the ride have to work with.

What’s Your Take on Maverick?

Do you think Maverick will continue to run wild, or will it be tamed by its newly transformed neighbor? Will the restored tunnel effects make a difference?  What is your favorite element of the ride?

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John is a proud Clevelander, and lifelong fan of roller coasters and amusement parks.

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  1. Eric

    I’m glad they’re bringing back the F/X to the launch tunnel. I remember when I rode Mavvy in her debut year (with the old restraints), I loved every second of it. It’s better than Millennium Force, in my opinion; the quick transitions and the overbanked Stengel dive were great, but the forceful airtime hump is the ride’s unequivocal highlight. Best coaster at CP, and one of the best ever built!!


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