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Opened in 2016, Valravn at Cedar Point is the world’s tallest Bolliger & Mabillard Dive Machine roller coaster.  Only 1 of 3 Dive Machines in the U.S., Valravn was a welcome and thrilling new edition nearer to the front of the park.  With a 217 foot drop and a top speed of 75 mph, Valravn captured the crown from Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s Griffon with its greater height and speed.

What’s Your Take?

Which Dive Machine’s have you ridden?  Do you prefer the drop or view on Valravn or one of the other variants located in the U.S. or around the world?  Which do you think is more fun on these kind of coasters, a front row or back row ride?

2 Responses

  1. Bobbie

    I have yet to ride Valravn but rode the first dive machine ever built (Oblivion at Alton Towers) along with Griffon & Sheikra. I enjoy the drop and view equally and would rank the dive machines I’ve ridden in this order: 1) Griffon, 2) Sheikra and 3) Oblivion. The view on Griffon is breathtaking; I tend to prefer the front b/c that gives me not only the best view but the sensation of hanging farther out over the track. You don’t get much of a view on Oblivion due to the minimal height resulting from the zoning restrictions at Alton Towers. The restrictions prohibit erecting anything above the tree line, for which reason it was necessary to dig a trench so that Oblivion could drop 180 feet into an underground tunnel. Additionally, the ride is very short in comparison with other dive machines, as the train makes a turn after exiting the tunnel and returns to the loading station.

  2. Eric

    I enjoyed Valravn, and SheiKra was lots of fun too. Dive coasters are probably my 4th-favorite style of roller coaster. The mysterious new ride @ Canada’s Wonderland could be the tallest of its kind when “Ziz” debuts (in 2019).


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