Why Not Revolt?

Photo by John Patterson

Ok, ok, I don’t mean revolt as in acting out because you don’t want to actually ride this brute.  Rather, I merely want to point out that the Corkscrew at Cedar Point was themed in honor of our nation’s Bicentennial when it opened in 1976. The first roller coaster with three inversions, Corkscrew also claimed, by just a few days, the first modern vertical loop on a roller coaster (beating Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Revolution by one week).  Nowadays, this small Arrow-manufactured roller coaster may seem tame and a good entry-level coaster to graduate from more pint-sized models, but those in the know can tell you that it was plenty thrilling in its day.  Nowadays, it serves as a good example of a ride where head-banging is likely, and why computer-aided designs are integral to the modern roller coasters of the present.

What’s Your Take?

Do you still ride classic Arrow corkscrews?  Would you prefer to see this nearly 42 year old looper replaced with something less brutal and more modern?  What kind of design might fit in its spot that maintains the iconic spiraling track above the midway?