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What We Know About Carowinds’ 2019 Roller Coaster

Good news for fans of Carowinds. All signs point to a new roller coaster for 2019 and the park has started to tease the new attraction with a series of tweets.

Of course the references to Miami River Lumber Company (also mentioned in Kings Islands’ Mystic Timbers theme) and the statement: “Our lumber is obtained by means of vengeance”(referencing Cedar Point’s Steel Vengeance), have the fans speculating about what these clues could mean. Given past teaser campaigns, we need to keep in mind that parks love to throw curve balls to confuse fans and keep us guessing.

Enthusiasts have pieced together possible details about the new ride. Earlier in the year, Cedar Fair trademarked the name Copperhead Strike. Many think they could use the name for this new Carowinds ride, but given these new farm-related theme details, Lance from Screamscape has now considered that name less likely. He points to Mystic Timbers’ cursed forest theming and mysterious shed as a possible template for this ride.

Carowinds’ 2019 Ride Could Be a Launch Roller Coaster

Screamscape has posted a photo from a storage area at the park with crates labeled: MACK. Mack is a German designer known for a variety of steel roller coasters. When you consider what they design and Carowinds current coasters, a launch roller coaster is the best bet. These thrill rides do not use traditional lift hills. Instead, they propel or launch trains as a way to generate speed.

There’s no way to know the layout and features of the ride for sure, but if we’re to assume this will be a larger launch roller coaster (as Screamscape has reported) then something like Bluefire Megacoaster at Europa Park or Helix at Liseberg. Bluefire is one of the reason’s Europa Park is among my most wanted theme parks. That won’t change with Carowinds’ new ride, but it’d be great to have a similar roller coaster in my backyard.

My Take: A Maverick-like Farm-Themed, Launched Looper

Given all that’s been reported, teased, and uncovered, this is my best guess as to what this new roller coaster will be. I’m predicting a multi-launch looper that’ll be a lot like Cedar Point’s Maverick. Maverick was designed by Intamin, but it’s the best U.S.-based example of a large, multi-launch looping roller coaster.

Also, for years there’s been talk of Cedar Fair turning Carowinds into the “Cedar Point of the South”. More than talk, we can see some proof with Fury 325’s Gatekeeper-like integration into the revamped park entrance (2015), the massive water park expansion in Carolina Harbor (2016), and the addition of an on-site hotel (2019).

Due to the farm-related teases maybe the ride’s station and second launch will incorporate barn buildings and maybe some faux-corn fields to add to its uniqueness. I’d also imagine we’ll have anywhere from four to six inversions (loops). Although, I’d be happy a loop-less course that just meandered around the farm whizzing by structures. That might make it more ridable for all kinds of guests; like a bigger version of another Mack ride Manta at SeaWorld San Diego. I’ve been hoping Carowinds would add a launch roller coaster for years and it looks like we may finally get one in 2019.

For now, we can look for a late August or early September official announcement as that’s when parks usually announce next year’s plans. You can also keep an eye on Carowinds official twitter account and Screamscape’s Carowinds coverage.

What’s Your Take?
What do you think Carowinds’ 2019 roller coaster will be? Do you think it’ll be a launch roller coaster like Maverick? What do you think the name will be? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Photo Credit: Featured image courtesy of David Jafra via Creative Commons.