Just announced today, my hometown park of SFGAm in the northern Illinois suburb of Gurnee, will be adding a brand-new (and truly record-breaking) launched coaster for the 2019 season….MAXX FORCE.

With the Pictorium theater building removed, a giant land clearing was made available between the wooden coaster Viper and the front of the park. Many wondered if they’d add a big flat ride or expansion to Hurricane Harbor (personally, my money was on a LSM water coaster).

Needless to say, when they announced this one-of-a-kind launched attraction, I was stunned. I’d given SFGAm plenty of grief in the past for marketing their Larson Super Loop as a “coaster” and for copying names/themes/layouts of rides from other parks in the Six Flags chain (the 4D ‘free-fly’ Joker coaster was, well, kind of a joke).

They’ve gone and redeemed themselves big time with Maxx Force, a very unique coaster from S&S that will claim the fastest acceleration in North America, catapulting riders from 0-78mph in under 2 seconds. There’s also 5 inversions, including a lightning fast zero-G roll and a few that are honestly hard to classify (immelman + twisted drop? flying snake dive??)

A peak height of 175ft will drastically alter the skyline of Great America, and the new addition to the Carousel Plaza section should increase foot traffic to a normally sleepy area of the park. Trains are themed after Formula 1 racing cars.

I’m relieved to see that they opted not to continue the trend of adding DC-themed rides (Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, etc), instead opting to go for something totally out of left field. It’ll be a welcome addition as the parks’s 15th roller coaster….and no, American Eagle still doesn’t count as 2.

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I've ridden 200+ coasters in my lifetime, including those at 8 different Six Flags parks and 7 different Cedar Fair properties. I'm a huge fan of airtime on old wooden behemoths, while dark ride shooters and drop towers are also personal favorites. The Voyage is the best coaster I've ever ridden!

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  1. Bobbie

    Thanks for posting this, Eric. Good overview. Looks like a great addition to the park. You are so lucky; I was hoping that my home park (Great Adventure) would get something as interesting as this; instead we’re getting a giant pendulum. Sigh.

    • Eric

      Thanks Bobbie! Myself, I love a good swinging pendulum ride (maXair and Delirium are favorites of mine), and it seems like 3 Six Flags parks are getting them — Wonder Woman @ SFGAdv, Joker’s Wild Card @ SFFT, and Pandemonium @ SFOG. This is after Crazanity @ SFMM and Harley Quinn @ SFNE debuted this year, but since my park already has a smaller Frisbee, Great America probably won’t get a bigger version.

    • Dru

      I completely agree. Great Adventure used to be competitive with the other big parks coaster collections, not anymore… Very sad!

  2. Jon

    They really maximized the open land with Maxx Force, not just using Pictorium space but also just squeezing it in free spaces near Whizzer and Raging Bull. Impressive use of space.
    Love how it dives under and over the train… in general its a very cool custom layout. Never seen that turnaround double inversion thing before and the finale includes that fake zero-g roll where you pull out and stall and then invert. Looks like a blast–like a spiritual cousin of Full Throttle just in the midwest.

  3. Joel

    Wow! Didn’t see this one coming. That acceleration is going to be really intense. It’s reminiscent of the ill-fated Hypersonic XLC at Kings Dominion. I just hope that the air launch system is more reliable than that ride’s. Hopefully, there’s been some improvements.

    I bet this news made your week, Eric!


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