Six Flags Magic Mountain has announced the latest record-breaking coaster to add to their collection! West Coast Racers–which will give Magic Mountain the distinction of being the first park with 20 roller coasters–is a quadruple launch racing and dueling coaster from Premier Rides.

That’s right–4 launches! This is achieved through a Mobius layout where the two seemingly separate tracks are actually a single long one. Like park brethren Twisted Colossus, after the first “half” the trains return to a place near the station and traverse the second “half” of the ride, racing alongside the previously traversed track. 2 launches on each “half” gives it the record-breaking 4 total launches!

The park is partnering with the world-renowned West Coast Customs auto shop for authentic theming–including a station replicating the WCC shop and trains designed to pass as slick LA wheels. West Coast Racers will anchor the newly established Boardwalk area of the park, along with the recently opened Zamperla Giant Discovery, CraZanity.

Check out these renders of West Coast Racers (all provided by and property of Six Flags).

My Reactions

Although the park did not run a heavy teaser campaign like Six Flags Great America or especially Carowinds, that doesn’t mean this coaster is necessarily not as great. It feels like the offspring of Twisted Colossus and Full Throttle; the launches and maneuvers of FT with the racing aspect of TC.

The layout is littered with interactive and interwoven elements. There are multiple “paired rolls” (I’m sure Alan Schilke could come up with a better moniker), where the inversions are close to side-by-side. Not to mention there’s a high-five element included–which makes Magic Mountain the only park in the world with 2 of such maneuvers (also found on Twisted Colossus).

My concern is that Magic Mountain put in Full Throttle 5 years ago, and West Coast Racers is basically a racing (and thus longer) version of the YOLO coaster. So that’s a redundancy in the coaster lineup, which for me is disappointing. However, that may be a concern exclusive to us coaster nerds, and if the general public doesn’t care, Six Flags likely won’t think twice of it. (I do wonder if the average guest legitimately notices when a park has two of a similar kind of ride…)

Regardless, do you think this is going to be in the mix with Steel Curtain and Yukon Striker and (Copperhead Strike?) for the best 2019 domestic coaster? It’ll be interesting to see the details of Carowinds’ reveal tomorrow, and if their Mack launch coaster tops Magic Mountain’s racing Premier launch coaster. What a great time to be an enthusiast! Enjoy announcement szn, my friends.

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5 Responses

  1. Marc

    This looks fun, but it repeats two elements from TC. I’d prefer they spent the money adding better capacity to Full Throttle with a stacked loading station and fixing TC so it always races.

    • Jon

      Yes I agree that would seem like a logical allocation of funds (and totally something I would do in Roller Coaster Tycoon), just hard to get corporate to sign off on what would amount to refurbishments when they have to market some addition as new and relevant every year. Unfortunately improving established coasters doesn’t sell tickets and thus doesn’t appeal to management–especially given this is Six Flags which is a very corporate & centralized company.

  2. Eric

    Yeah, that’s strange for SFMM to have *2* mobius-style coasters. It’ll definitely be cool to see West Coast Racers in operation, even if it’s a longer racing version of Full Throttle. I haven’t been to the Valencia-area park since 1998, this’ll give me a big reason to visit now!

    • Jon

      You hit the nail on the head– the coolest aspect of West Coast Racers will be watching the dual track elements and interaction from the midways. It seems like it’ll be cooler as an aesthetic than as a substantive ride, but we’ll see!

  3. Bobbie

    Good comprehensive report. Never having been to Magic Mountain and having seen FT and TC only in videos a long time ago, I don’t have a good grasp of what is or is not redundant but this looks like a very interesting ride.


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