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Iron Gwazi Roller Coaster Announced for Busch Gardens Tampa

Last week, Busch Gardens Tampa announced Iron Gwazi. Rising from the ashes of the defunct Gwazi wooden coasters, Iron Gwazi will be a hybrid roller coaster featuring a wooden support structure and steel rails. The steel rails will be the key in creating a whole new experience for riders. Whereas before, Gwazi’s dueling course was pretty typical of wooden coasters with drops and turns you’d expect, now Iron Gwazi will include much larger and steeper drops, extreme banking, and three inversions turning riders upside down.

Here’s a teaser video of the new Iron Gwazi roller coaster coming to Busch Gardens Tampa:

Iron Gwazi Sure to Be a Fan Favorite at Busch Gardens Tampa

The latest trend of Rocky Mountain Construction hybrid coasters will reach Florida next year. Over the past 8 years we’ve seen the wooden roller coaster rebirths like New Texas Giant, Iron Rattler, Twisted Colossus, and Wicked Cyclone to name a few. These roller coasters are extreme in terms of their elements with surprising twists, turns, and inversions; while still being smooth and very re-rideable.

Busch Gardens Tampa’s lineup has been missing a ride like this and I’d bet Iron Gwazi will quickly become guests’ favorite roller coaster. Gwazi will be 206 feet tall and have a 91-degree drop. The 206-foot height will help it claim the title of tallest hybrid coaster in North America surpassing Cedar Point’s Steel Vengeance by 1 foot.

Here’s a construction video of Iron Gwazi from Robb Alvey at Theme Park Review.

Busch Gardens Tampa is an African-themed park and the former dual-tracked Gwazi had a lion versus tiger theme. This time out, Iron Gwazi looks to be themed after the African crocodile.
Iron Gwazi Roller Coaster Logo - Busch Gardens Tampa

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