Ice Breaker Roller Coaster - SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando Announces Ice Breaker for 2020

SeaWorld Orlando’s Ice Breaker Roller Coaster

SeaWorld has announced Ice Breaker, a new launch roller coaster that will open in 2020. It will boast the steepest beyond-vertical on a roller coaster at 100 degrees. Ice Breaker will also be a rare multi-pass launch coaster meaning that riders will travel forward and backward with the aid of several launches. When it opens it will be the park’s 6th roller coaster.

Ice Breaker Will Bring Something New to Orlando

While Ice Breaker may not get the attention that the park’s 200-foot tall hyper coaster Mako did, it will add another ride to the park’s small but growing roster of roller coasters. The park has already checked the thrill boxes with Mako, flying coaster Manta, and large multi-looper Kraken Unleashed. With a top speed of only 52 mph and no loops, Ice Breaker may be a nice option for families and novice riders. It appears they’re looking to balance their offerings.
Ice Breaker Roller Coaster Layout - SeaWorld Orlando
Personally though, I have to wonder how enjoyable the backwards return trip will be, but at least it doesn’t have loops like many other shuttle roller coasters. I’ve always felt that the backwards loops (like on Vekoma Boomerangs) felt rather awkward.

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