Announcing CoasterCritics’ Picks: Our Top 10 Roller Coasters List

Given the growing team and community here at CoasterCritic, I thought it’d be fun to launch a critic-driven Top 10 that would become the site’s official list of the top roller coasters. In order to incorporate new rides, the list will be refreshed annually. Our first annual Top 10 Roller Coasters List combines the lists from the writers for CoasterCritic (Joel, John, Bobbie, and Jon), ...[Read More]

Looking for New CoasterCritics

In Search of CoasterCritics I’m looking for people that love roller coasters and want to share their experiences and thoughts on the industry. Do You Like Writing? Contributors must write well. If you have any content published elsewhere, please share it in the application or send it to me. While I’ll have writing standards, I’m also going to supply general guidelines. I’m ...[Read More]

Coming Soon: Roller Coaster Critics

Welcome to the New Today, I’m relaunching The Coaster Critic’s Blog as Why the change? The new site will feature much of the same reviews, news, and opinion that I’ve been providing for more than a decade, but will now also include a variety of voices. For the first time there will be a team of roller coaster critics giving you insight into th...[Read More]

Upcoming Pigeon Forge Trip

Soon, I’ll be heading to the Great Smoky Mountains of Eastern Tennessee. We’re looking forward to a first-time visit to Dollywood as a family. By the time we visit, they’ll have announced their highly anticipated 2016 attraction (scheduled for August 7th). So, I hope to have some fresh construction photos and the latest scoop on the ride. It’s rumored to be a launched woodi...[Read More]

Goodbye, For Now

I was working at PBS. It was a very creative work environment and I was working with people who were artists in their free time. It wasn’t unusual to talk about our personal endeavors and hobbies. I must have mentioned that I wanted to create a roller coaster website. One day I was talking to my boss when he had a suggestion for me.”I looked into it and there aren’t many theme pa...[Read More]

Thanks For a Great 8 Years

Before my final post on Friday, I wanted to take the time to thank everyone that’s contributed, helped, or been a part of the site in any way. The Readers A special thanks to long-time reader and regular commenter Judy. From sending live updates, to pictures of bruises from rides, Judy’s been a friend and regular reader for years. Thanks to DRU, Matt, ukcoasterfan, surya, and the many who re...[Read More]

Disneyland – The Final Trip for The Coaster Critic

I’ve asked you where you’ll be headed in 2014 and now I’ll share my plans. My wife, MommyB Knows Best was invited to a special event at Disneyland Resort so we’ll be visiting both Disneyland and California’s Adventure with the family. My daughters are excited to meet their favorite Disney princesses and Disney Junior characters. They’ll also get to fly across co...[Read More]

Announcing Four New Weekly Post Series

When I announced that I was going to close the site, I mentioned that I really wanted to finish well and have some fun with the site before it’s over. One way I’d like to do that is by launching new weekly series. So, from now until mid-April, you can expect new posts every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Here’s a breakdown of the new series: Superlative Sundays On Super...[Read More]

The Coaster Critic Comes to An End

Life’s just too short to do things half-hearted and not give them your all. The best creative works, movies, music, and yes, blogs, are created by those who are fully committed. Last month, news had come out about a new roller coaster so I went to YouTube to find some animated ride footage. I came across a video that had a detailed analysis of the ride and all of the park’s upcoming pl...[Read More]

Worlds of Fun & Silver Dollar City Trip

Soon, I’ll be heading out to Missouri for my next theme park trip. I’ve got my sights set on Worlds of Fun and Silver Dollar City. Both parks will be new to me and both offer some awesome-looking roller coasters. Worlds of Fun is a Cedar Fair park in Kansas City. Aside from Boomerang, the parks other six roller coasters will be new to me. One of them will even be a milestone. You can s...[Read More]

Which Theme Parks Should I Visit in 2013?

Last year, my plans changed from “Going for the Giga” up in Toronto, to a return trip to Chi-town for X-Flight plus a first time trip to Six Flags St. Louis. This year, there are three long distance trips that I’m weighing. It’d be great to do at least two, but realistically, I may only get to do one. It’d be great to get the take of my readers as I’m sure many ...[Read More]

10 Most Beautiful Theme Parks on The Seasoned Pros List Show

Recently I re-joined Doug Barnes from The Season Pass Podcast and Arthur Levine from the Theme Parks Guide for another edition of the Seasoned Pros List Show. Each episode we list our top 10’s on a particular topic in the theme park world. For the latest edition our special guest was Lance from as we listed what we deem to be the most beautiful theme parks we’...[Read More]

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