Kings Island Gives Firehawk the Axe – Misdemeanor or Felony?

Kings Island had recently hinted that one of their coasters was about to bite the dust and there was considerable speculation as to which one.  Clues pointed to either Vortex or Firehawk as the most likely victim.   And now the suspense is over.  The park announced yesterday that Firehawk would be removed at the end of the operating season in late October.   According to Kings Island’s blog, altho...[Read More]

Is It A Coaster? (part 1)

This is the first in a series of posts that will focus on what it truly means to be considered a “roller coaster”. Over the next several posts, I’ll analyze rides like Zamperla’s Disk-O, Intamin’s Half Pipe, and a few others (such as those powered rides built in-house). 1st stop: Larson Loops. Hang on folks, it’s gonna be a bumpy (and slightly nauseating) ride. ...[Read More]

Worst Coaster Trip Ever – Argument in Favor of Fast Lane

Disaster in Ohio Of all the trips I’ve taken in order to experience world class coasters, my trip to Kings Island almost six years ago was unquestionably the worst.  It would be difficult to imagine a more dismal or disastrous scenario. Because my flight from Philly didn’t arrive in Ohio until midafternoon, by the time I arrived at Kings Island it was almost 3:30.  Once inside the park I drove aro...[Read More]

Skyrush: But What About The Restraints?

Celestial Coaster As celestial a coaster as Intamin has ever produced, Skyrush holds the number 2 position on my list of the 10 most intense coasters I’ve ridden. (See my post of July 7, 2017).   Riders start screaming as soon as the train is dispatched and makes its swift ascent of the cable lift hill, in anticipation of what lies ahead.   What lies ahead is an astonishing ride that’s noteworthy ...[Read More]

B&M Roller Coasters Are Not “Forceless”

In response to Bobbie’s recent post, 10 most intense roller coasters, someone remarked on Facebook that they were surprised Fury 325 was included in her list because the designer (Bolliger & Mabillard) is often criticized for creating “forceless” rides. Fury is a 325-foot tall giga coaster with a top speed of 95 mph. It’s one of the tallest, fastest, and longest roller coasters in ...[Read More]

Have Amusement Parks Gone Too Far in Imposing Restrictions for Ride Safety?

The Importance of Ride Safety Ride safety is obviously a top priority for amusement/theme parks.  There have been numerous instances of loose articles on rides hitting riders and causing personal injury, with cell phones being the primary culprits.   Although I’ve never seen anyone get hurt I’ve witnessed several incidents during which unsecured items came flying off El Toro and seen the paraphern...[Read More]

The 10 Most Intense Roller Coasters I’ve Ridden

Although my coaster count is quite modest compared with Joel’s, I thought it would be fun to compile a list of the 10 most intense coasters I’ve ridden and explain why I found them unusually forceful.   I’ve ridden a number of incredible coasters so this was a challenge involving some tough choices.   The top 2 picks were givens and didn’t require any thought but the others had me pondering over m...[Read More]

Euclid Beach Park: From Glory to Condemnation – Part 1

In the late nineteenth century, the City of Cleveland was one of growth and prosperity. Founded in 1796 and established as a city by the very young State of Ohio’s legislature in 1836, in just around 100 years its population went from a few dozen to more than 261,000 as of 1890. Recreation was limited in those earliest of the pioneer days in what was formerly called the Western Reserve. Truly a fr...[Read More]

May Not Accommodate Larger Guests

When theme park and amusement park fans begin to plan their dream trip or their first regular visit to their home park, some people have the basics down. They save up to buy tickets or season passes, make overnight accommodations, pack a bag with sun block, sunglasses, comfortable clothes, swimwear, maybe a poncho. They may have carefully researched travel times, hotel reviews, available discounts...[Read More]

Should Hersheypark’s Wildcat Get an RMC Redesign?

Last year, the Wildcat at Hersheypark thrilled riders for its 20th season. Once the anchor attraction of the Midway America section of the park (yes, you read that correctly: it was an anchor), the very first wooden roller coaster from manufacturer Great Coasters International is now notably less popular. This has led many coaster enthusiasts, myself included, to speculate that famed company RMC—R...[Read More]

How Will SeaWorld’s Mako Roller Coaster Measure Up?

Earlier this year, SeaWorld announced Mako, a new roller coaster that’ll open in 2016. It’ll be a 200-foot tall hyper coaster, reaching speeds of 75 mph. Mako’s stature and size will make it Orlando’s tallest, longest and fastest roller coaster. Here’s a POV video of Mako at SeaWorld: For me, there’s no question that this will be a solid roller coaster. Bolliger &...[Read More]

Top 7 Water Rides on The Seasoned Pros List Show

Recently, I reunited with my fellow theme park geeks (Doug from The Season Pass Podcast & Arthur from About Theme Parks) for another edition of The Seasoned Pros List Show. This time we listed our favorite water rides. Also, we were joined by a special guest, Brady MacDonald from the LA Times Funland Blog. As you’ll hear, I don’t have a lot of experience with water rides. I general...[Read More]

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