Do You Like Seeing Hyper Coasters and Giga Coasters at the Same Park?

Cedar Fair’s Recipe: A Hyper-Giga One Two Punch Hyper coasters and giga coasters represent two of the more popular steel roller coasters over the past few decades. Hyper coasters reach a height or have a drop of 200 to 299 feet and giga coasters reach a height of or have a drop of 300 to 399 feet. Way back when I reported on the announcement of giga coaster Leviathan at Canada’s Wonder...[Read More]

Roller Coaster Year in Review

Overview 2018 was a glorious year for new roller coasters.  The year saw an interesting array of coasters –14 total – open in the USA.  Germany’s Mack Rides scored a major victory with the groundbreaking Time Traveler at Silver Dollar City, a spinning coaster with inversions, and also produced the beautifully designed Slinky Dog Dash, a family coaster at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Gerstlauer cont...[Read More]

Euclid Beach Park: From Glory to Condemnation – Part 2

The Roaring 20s was a prosperous time for America and Euclid Beach Park. Following the acceptance of the automobile as a modern conveyance, travel independent of railroads, street cars, or trolleys caught on quickly. The growing economy meant many people could afford to spend their monies on a day at the park and to take vacations. During the so-called Golden Age of Roller Coasters, there were so ...[Read More]

Our Most Unusual Roller Coaster Experiences

With hundreds of roller coaster rides under our collective belts, we thought it’d be fun to share our most unusual roller coaster experiences. We figured since we’ve visited as many parks and strapped in to ride roller coasters as many times as we had, there’d be some odd experiences we could share. Just in time for April Fool’s Day, here are a few of those experiences. Get...[Read More]

12 Roller Coasters That Could Soon be Defunct

What do the roller coasters Gwazi, Dragon Challenge, and Ozark Wildcat have in common? They are now mere memories and were removed, perhaps much sooner than expected. In Gwazi’s case (I under stand it is actually still standing but being slowly picked apart), it had long failed to live up to the expectations Busch Gardens Tampa Bay had for it, and had been only running one side of the ride f...[Read More]

Our Favorite Ride Experiences of 2017

Before we look forward to the upcoming theme park season, we thought it’d be fun to take one more look back at our favorite ride experiences of 2017. The Smiler at Alton Towers Surprisingly, my favorite ride experience of 2017 was not on one of the awesome RMC (Rocky Mountain Construction) coasters – Wicked Cyclone and Lightning Rod – that I rode for the first time. It was on a coaster...[Read More]

Flying Coasters – Prone or Supine?

Further to John’s post about flying coasters, I thought it appropriate to follow up with a piece I wrote a couple of weeks ago and was saving for later, but as John has already touched on the subject this seems to be as good a time as any to post my take, from a different angle. Custom Riding Positions Unconventional or “custom” riding positions offer a refreshing change from wha...[Read More]

Euclid Beach Park: From Glory to Condemnation – Part 1

In the late nineteenth century, the City of Cleveland was one of growth and prosperity. Founded in 1796 and established as a city by the very young State of Ohio’s legislature in 1836, in just around 100 years its population went from a few dozen to more than 261,000 as of 1890. Recreation was limited in those earliest of the pioneer days in what was formerly called the Western Reserve. Truly a fr...[Read More]

May Not Accommodate Larger Guests

When theme park and amusement park fans begin to plan their dream trip or their first regular visit to their home park, some people have the basics down. They save up to buy tickets or season passes, make overnight accommodations, pack a bag with sun block, sunglasses, comfortable clothes, swimwear, maybe a poncho. They may have carefully researched travel times, hotel reviews, available discounts...[Read More]

Should Hersheypark’s Wildcat Get an RMC Redesign?

Last year, the Wildcat at Hersheypark thrilled riders for its 20th season. Once the anchor attraction of the Midway America section of the park (yes, you read that correctly: it was an anchor), the very first wooden roller coaster from manufacturer Great Coasters International is now notably less popular. This has led many coaster enthusiasts, myself included, to speculate that famed company RMC—R...[Read More]

Top 6 New Roller Coaster Classes

Last fall I joined thousands of other theme park fans as exciting new rides and roller coasters were announced one after another and also in large waves like Six Flags big announcement day. Our jaws dropped as some rumors proved to be true and other rides came completely out of left field. Many commented that 2012’s lineup of new rides could be the best in recent memory. I thought I’d ...[Read More]

Fun With Roller Coaster Data

We’re still in the off-season here in the Midwestern United States (though spring is thankfully right around the corner) and I have to keep myself entertained somehow. I wrote a post awhile ago on Coaster101 about how I had created my own track record using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet complete with stats from the Roller Coaster Database. Well, I used those stats and compared the height, sp...[Read More]

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