A First-Timer’s Adventures at IAAPA 2011

IAAPA 2011: A World-Class Gathering of Peeps, Geeks, and Inflatables! This year, I attended IAAPA (which took place this November in Orlando at the Convention Center) with my girlfriend and co-owner of Theme Park Adventure, Johanna Atilano. In the 17 years that I have been at the helm of Theme Park Adventure (themeparkadventure.com), I have never attended one of these trade shows in person; I̵...[Read More]

Top 6 Roller Coaster Makeover Ideas

These days, some roller coasters are getting more than just a fresh coat of paint in the off season. Some, are undergoing massive million dollar renovations that I’ve compared to the Six Million Dollar Man’s re-birth. I know there are a lot of younger readers out there and an old Lee Majors television show from the 70’s might be too old of a reference. How about Robocop? No? Is W...[Read More]

Meet Brody Rose – The Coaster Doodler

Artist Brody Rose expresses his coaster fandom via quick sketches during his subway commute. Joel: How did you get into roller coasters? What parks did you visit growing up? Brody:I became fascinated with roller coasters at a young age. In the summer I would visit my grandmother and aunt in Kenosha, WI. Six Flags Great America (then Marriot’s) soon became my favorite place on Earth. Before I was t...[Read More]

3 Things Theme Park Fans Should Be Thankful For, But Often Aren’t

If you’ve spent any time in message boards, you know that the Web isn’t usually the place that people shout their gratefulness and gratitude from the virtual rooftops. They’re most often a haven for haters; jam-packed with more complaining, whining, and snarky comments than you can imagine. With Thanksgiving 2011 almost here, I wanted to take the chance to go against the grain an...[Read More]

A Theme Park Geek Gives Thanks

What is Chris from Thrill Network thankful for? Every November many across the Nation think about what they are thankful for each year. I am no stranger to that tradition. However, since I’ve become a bigger amusement park enthusiast this year than in the past, I figured I would come up with a list of things I’m thankful for in the amusement park industry!

Behind the Numbers: Cedar Point Ridership Data

Most amusement parks today don’t release their attractions’ ridership numbers to the general public. So, it was very unusual and surprising when Cedar Point posted the annual number of riders for each major ride from 1996 to 2008. This information has since been removed their website, but lucky for us a couple of roller coaster enthusiasts managed to capture the data before it was taken down...[Read More]

Line Cutters Should Be Arrested

Waiting in line is an inevitable part of visiting a theme park. With the exception of slow days, rides with low ridership, and those nifty line skipping services, guests will most definitely find themselves slowly weaving back and forth through the miles and miles of queues. For me, the worst part of an already less than desirable situation, is when I encounter a line jumper. For some reason it...[Read More]

Seasoned Pros List Show – Our 10 Favorite Steel Roller Coasters

Episode 1 of the Seasoned Pros List Show Podcast – Our Top Ten Steel Roller Coasters We kick off this special podcast series with a look at our 10 favorite steel roller coasters in North America. Doug, Arthur, & Joel are joined by a special guest for this debut episode. Robb Alvey of Theme Park Review brings his myriad of roller coaster experiences to the show as he shares his personal f...[Read More]

Joel from Coaster Gallery Talks Photos & Flying

[intro-paragraph]Boasting one of the largest collections of roller coaster photography on the web, CoasterGallery.com has long been a valuable resource. I interviewed Joel Rogers, the man behind the site, to learn more about his fun hobby and his interesting day job.[/intro-paragraph] Joel B: Describe the beginnings of CoasterGallery.com. Joel R: “Joel’s Roller Coaster Gallery” s...[Read More]

Geek Speak: 2011 Golden Ticket Awards Reactions

[boxparagraph]Geek Speak is a special feature that will present the opinions of theme park fans on a specific topic or news story. Every issue we’ll highlight the buzz and reactions (both positive & negative) to give an overview of how news is being received. Every effort will be taken to attempt to present a variety of opinions from a variety of sources.[/boxparagraph] [intro-paragraph]...[Read More]

Britain’s 5 Worst Theme Park Rides

Despite the British Isles being very small in the grand scheme of countries, we are proud to be the home of many fantastic parks and roller coasters. Names such as Nemesis and Megafobia are thrown around frequently on top 10 lists, and it seems we will be welcoming even more additions in the coming years. But amongst these great rides are some truly rotten pieces of work. Whether they’re poorly pl...[Read More]

The Classics: 4 Essential Flat Rides

In the past few years there have been numerous developments in the flat ride world, but some flat rides remain classic. In some cases, they have remained unchanged for hundreds of years. There are few things that are more iconic to an amusement park than a roller coaster. A roller coaster provides that flash and pizazz to a park. But what really makes up the heart of any amusement park is the flat...[Read More]

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