Geek Speak: IAAPA 2011 Coverage

[boxparagraph]Geek Speak is a special feature that will present the opinions of theme park fans on a specific topic or news story. Every issue we’ll highlight the buzz and reactions (both positive & negative) to give an overview of how news is being received. Every effort will be taken to attempt to present a variety of opinions from a variety of sources.[/boxparagraph] [intro-paragraph]...[Read More]

Does Coaster Count Define You As An Enthusiast?

Do your roller coaster and theme park counts define you as an enthusiast? Before the 2011 coaster season I had set two goals for myself. Those goals for me were to get to at least one new park and get to a total of 75 coaster credits. To most coaster enthusiasts those two goals were fairly minor. While for me, the goals could have been quite a feat to be accomplished as I am not made of money! In ...[Read More]

Why Aren’t There More Parking Garages at Theme Parks?

Parking garage or parking lot? When I moved my family to Southern California in 2005, we spent a lot of time at Disneyland, with a couple of side trips to Universal Studios Hollywood. At both locations, we always parked in very large, clean, and well lit parking structures. When we moved next to Six Flags Magic Mountain, we started spending lots of time there and parking in their giant asphalt par...[Read More]

Where Have All the Log Flumes Gone?

In the past decade, an unfortunate trend has begun in the amusement industry. Log rides have been a long time staple to many amusement parks, originating in the 1960’s with Arrow’s El Aserradero log ride at Six Flags Over Texas. From the launch of El Aserradero, the concept of the log ride took off, spreading globally to amusement parks all around the world. Some of the more notable log rides in t...[Read More]

A First-Timer’s Adventures at IAAPA 2011

IAAPA 2011: A World-Class Gathering of Peeps, Geeks, and Inflatables! This year, I attended IAAPA (which took place this November in Orlando at the Convention Center) with my girlfriend and co-owner of Theme Park Adventure, Johanna Atilano. In the 17 years that I have been at the helm of Theme Park Adventure (, I have never attended one of these trade shows in person; I̵...[Read More]

Top 6 Roller Coaster Makeover Ideas

These days, some roller coasters are getting more than just a fresh coat of paint in the off season. Some, are undergoing massive million dollar renovations that I’ve compared to the Six Million Dollar Man’s re-birth. I know there are a lot of younger readers out there and an old Lee Majors television show from the 70’s might be too old of a reference. How about Robocop? No? Is W...[Read More]

Meet Brody Rose – The Coaster Doodler

Artist Brody Rose expresses his coaster fandom via quick sketches during his subway commute. Joel: How did you get into roller coasters? What parks did you visit growing up? Brody:I became fascinated with roller coasters at a young age. In the summer I would visit my grandmother and aunt in Kenosha, WI. Six Flags Great America (then Marriot’s) soon became my favorite place on Earth. Before I was t...[Read More]

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