Top 6 New Roller Coaster Classes

Last fall I joined thousands of other theme park fans as exciting new rides and roller coasters were announced one after another and also in large waves like Six Flags big announcement day. Our jaws dropped as some rumors proved to be true and other rides came completely out of left field. Many commented that 2012’s lineup of new rides could be the best in recent memory. I thought I’d ...[Read More]

Top 6 Roller Coaster Makeover Ideas

These days, some roller coasters are getting more than just a fresh coat of paint in the off season. Some, are undergoing massive million dollar renovations that I’ve compared to the Six Million Dollar Man’s re-birth. I know there are a lot of younger readers out there and an old Lee Majors television show from the 70’s might be too old of a reference. How about Robocop? No? Is W...[Read More]

Britain’s 5 Worst Theme Park Rides

Despite the British Isles being very small in the grand scheme of countries, we are proud to be the home of many fantastic parks and roller coasters. Names such as Nemesis and Megafobia are thrown around frequently on top 10 lists, and it seems we will be welcoming even more additions in the coming years. But amongst these great rides are some truly rotten pieces of work. Whether they’re poorly pl...[Read More]

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