2012 Best Single Ride Experience of the Year Series

To wrap up the year I’m joining a few other sites in writing about our favorite or most memorable single ride of the year. A year ago I would have thought that my ride on one of the new wing coasters, Wild Eagle or X-Flight would had to been my ride of the year. But, I love the adventure of visiting theme parks for new experiences. They can be surprisingly bad or, like in this year’s b...[Read More]

What’s Your Most Memorable Night Ride on a Roller Coaster?

Riding roller coasters at night can make for a very different experience. If you typically leave amusement parks before it gets dark or just haven’t found yourself on a roller coaster at night then I suggest you make an effort to make sure you ride your park’s best coaster after dark. I had what I’d consider an all-time top two or three coaster experience during a night ride on t...[Read More]

Volcano’s Powerful Rolling Launch | Coaster Moments

Volcano’s Blast Off – Memorable Coaster Moments Volcano: The Blast Coaster’s a pretty memorable coaster for a number of reasons. It’s an inverted launch coaster built in a themed mountain at Kings Dominion. The majority of launch coasters catapult their trains from a dead stop, Volcano’s launch happens on the move. To me, the rolling launch added to the intense level ...[Read More]

Voyage’s Triple Down in the Dark

The Voyage’s Triple Down in the Dark | Coaster Moments After a rapid fire opening featuring hills, airtime, tunnels and a twisted turnaround, The Voyage like Happy Gilmore, has only just begun. The train slows considerably at the mid-course brake run and typically after brake runs most roller coasters can’t live up to the intensity of their first halves. That’s not the case with ...[Read More]

Storm Runner’s Flying Snake Dive

Storm Runner’s Flying Snake Dive | Memorable Coaster MomentsHersheypark’s Intamin launch coaster Storm Runner opened in 2004. It features an exhilarating launch 0 to 72 mph in 2 seconds, a 150′ tall top hat hill at 90 degrees, and a unique inversion. Storm Runner’s coup de grace is the flying snake dive. After performing a zero-g roll about 50′ in the air, the train s...[Read More]

The Hades Tunnel | Coaster Moments

Hades’ Subterranean Masterpiece | Memorable Coaster MomentsHades is a vastly underrated wooden coaster at Mt. Olympus Park in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. The park boasts 7 Greek themed roller coasters, with Hades as the park’s signature ride. Hades definitely lives up to its namesake as the god of the underworld and its #4 on the my top 10 wooden coasters list. Hades starts with one of...[Read More]

Montu’s Egyptian Trenches | Coaster Moments

Montu’s Egyptian-Themed Trenches | Memorable Coaster MomentsFly through Egyptian-themed trenches like you’re Luke Skywalker making that famous attack on the Death Star on Montu at Busch Gardens Africa (Tampa, FL). I’m no historian when it comes to BGA, but it appears to me that Montu was added to the park in a flat area close to the entrance that may have been a part of the parki...[Read More]

The Second Drop on Phantom’s Revenge

Phantom’s Plunge Into a Ravine | Memorable Coaster Moments Phantom’s Revenge is a hyper coaster at the historic Kennywoood Park near Pittsburgh, PA. Unlike most hyper coasters, Phantom’s Revenge is not taller than 200′. The steel Morgan coaster only rises to 160′ on its initial ascent. But, after the first swooping drop, the trains climb up once again as it sets rider...[Read More]

Top 3 Worst Coaster Experiences

Highlighting the Low PointsUsually my lowest rated coasters and worst experiences involve a painful ride. Sure coasters, especially wooden ones, should throw you around a bit and I don’t consider myself fragile or pain averse. But some rides I’ve experienced were just unforgivably rough or suffered from terrible park operations and maintenance. Here are the Top 3 Worst Experiences I...[Read More]

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