Rumored Coasters and USA Park Plans for 2020

With the current thrill ride season already underway for many parks in the lower half of the US, it’s time to look ahead to next year. Quite a few places are receiving major developments, and in some cases those ‘developments’ are record-breaking coasters. Here’s what we know so far: • Hersheypark will get a brand-new B&M hyper (+200ft tall); • Mako (a 150ft dive coaste...[Read More]

Volcano: The Blast Coaster to be removed from Kings Dominion

Kings Dominion has announced the imminent departure of Volcano:The Blast Coaster.  The link to the official statement from the park is as follows: Although this is unfortunate, it’s perfectly understandable.  Volcano was plagued with mechanical problems and experienced extended downtime over the past year or so.  I was lucky enough to be at ...[Read More]

“West Coast Racers” Coming to Six Flags Magic Mountain in 2019

Six Flags Magic Mountain has announced the latest record-breaking coaster to add to their collection! West Coast Racers–which will give Magic Mountain the distinction of being the first park with 20 roller coasters–is a quadruple launch racing and dueling coaster from Premier Rides. That’s right–4 launches! This is achieved through a Mobius layout where the two seemingly se...[Read More]

Project 412 Revealed: 9 Inversion S&S Coaster Coming to Kennywood in 2019

Kennywood’s ‘Project 412’ teasing game has come to a conclusion with the unveiling of their new for 2019 attraction — a massive and record-breaking coaster from S&S Worldwide. The coaster, dubbed ‘The Steel Curtain’ in homage to the nearby Pittsburgh Steelers football team, will break the United States record for inversions with 9. The Campaign The park̵...[Read More]

Great American Scream Machine To Run Backwards

Yesterday Six Flags Over Georgia announced that their classic wooden coaster, The Great American Scream Machine, will run backwards as of March 10.  It will be a limited run.  A national landmark, the coaster previously ran backwards in 1992.   Now that I’ve seen the latest video, I must say that this looks totally insane!  I’ve ridden an invert backwards – no sweat! – but ...[Read More]

Showdown: New Texas Giant vs. Wicked Cyclone

Overview What these two have in common is that they’re former wooden coasters transformed into steel/hybrid coasters featuring modifications to the layout while retaining a wooden structure by RMC (Rocky Mountain Construction), with amazing results.  New Texas Giant was the first coaster to get an RMC makeover and Wicked Cyclone was the fifth. Layout and Theming New Texas Giant, operating with Ger...[Read More]

Skyrush: But What About The Restraints?

Celestial Coaster As celestial a coaster as Intamin has ever produced, Skyrush holds the number 2 position on my list of the 10 most intense coasters I’ve ridden. (See my post of July 7, 2017).   Riders start screaming as soon as the train is dispatched and makes its swift ascent of the cable lift hill, in anticipation of what lies ahead.   What lies ahead is an astonishing ride that’s noteworthy ...[Read More]

Twisted Cylcone Coming to Six Flags Over Georgia

Six Flags Over Georgia just announced Twisted Cyclone, a new roller coaster for 2018. The new attraction will replace the park’s wooden roller coaster, Georgia Cyclone. Rather than a full demolition or removal of the Georgia Cyclone, Six Flags will be using much of the current ride’s structure, but will incorporate exciting new elements thanks to Twisted Cyclone’s steel rails. In...[Read More]

RailBlazer Roller Coaster Coming to California’s Great America

Yesterday, California’s Great America (Santa Clara, CA) announced their new 2018 roller coaster in RailBlazer. It’ll be a very rare single rail roller coaster with a 90-degree drop and three loops (dive loop, cutback, corkscrew). In addition to the loops and a similar layout to the 2018 roller coaster, Wonder Woman, RailBlazer will also feature an off-road adventure theme complete with...[Read More]

Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Roller Coaster Coming to Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Six Flags Fiesta Texas announced their new Wonder Woman Golden Lasso roller coaster for the 2018 season. The ride will have the distinction as the World’s first single rail roller coaster thanks to the new Rocky Mountain Construction raptor track design. Wonder Woman Golden Lasso will be 113 feet tall, with a top speed of 52 mph. It will feature a 100 foot tall 90-degree drop and three inver...[Read More]

Do Hersheypark’s Clues Point to a Water Coaster in 2018?

2018 is shaping up to be an incredible year for many parks, and Hersheypark is no different. Unlike amusement parks like Cedar Point or Kings Dominion, where everyone knows what is coming (I hear a Richard Michael Crosby is moving in…), there is more mystery over Hersheypark’s 2018 addition. They’ve been teasing their plans for this addition through a series of five clues on their website. L...[Read More]

Tempesto Review

Overview Tempesto at Busch Gardens Williamsburg is by no means unique.  It’s the second installation of the Premier Rides Skyrocket II coaster.  The same model operates at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom as Superman Ultimate Flight, at Lake Compounce as Phobia Phear and will open in 2018 as Electric Eel at Sea World San Diego.  Don’t like clones?  That could open up a whole new debate.  I have no obje...[Read More]

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