Harry Potter’s Wizarding World & Forbidden Journey Update

Universal has been promoting the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter like crazy. A few months ago there was the augmented reality map that went out in an issue of a USA Today. I thought it was the coolest marketing idea I’d heard of in a long time. Unfortunately, the execution left something to be desired. Augmented Reality Map After holding the map in front of my web cam for tens of minutes...[Read More]

The Best Roller Coaster Commercial Ever

Recently, I stumbled across what may be… No, what IS the best commercial featuring a roller coaster ever. If you’re a roller coaster fanatic like myself then you likely imagine how a roller coaster would look in the landscapes and cityscapes that you encounter on a daily basis. This commercial for UK-based credit card, BarclayCard, seamlessly integrates a roller coaster into the crowde...[Read More]

Thirteen’s Creepy Blipvert TV Ads

Alton Towers has the hype machine going at full speed as the opening for their much anticipated new roller coaster draws near. Not much is known about Thirteen other than that it’s supposed to be so scary that there will be a controversial age limit. There was also talk of a limit to the times per day one could ride, but I would have to imagine that both of these restrictions will be lifted....[Read More]

Spongebob vs Snoopy – What’s Your Take?

Several Cedar Fair Theme Parks Are Switching from Nickelodeon to Peanuts Themed Areas in 2010 In 2010, the former Paramount Parks now run by Cedar Fair, will be getting re-branded kids areas and attractions. California’s Great America, Kings Dominion, Kings Island, Carowinds, and Canada’s Wonderland will be dropping their Nickelodeon-themed areas for a nod to everyone’s favorite ...[Read More]

Wild Adventures Stars in Zombieland & 2010 Plans

Wild Adventures 2010 Roller Coaster & Plans Recently, Wild Adventures announced their plans for 2010 which include 3 new rides.  Wild Adventures will be recieving Scrambler, a flying scooter attraction, and a family roller coaster all from Celebration City which closed last year. Herschend, the park’s owner, is moving the Jack Rabbit (pictures). Also, the park has announced extended hour...[Read More]

BrainRush: Game Show on a Roller Coaster

BrainRush: Game Show on a Roller Coaster This Summer on Cartoon Network you can watch unsuspecting park guests get thrown into an impromptu game show while riding a roller coaster. The concept is a lot like Discovery Channel’s Cash Cab, only instead of being driven around the busy streets of New York City, contestants are being flipped upside-down, launched from zero to 80 mph, and subjected...[Read More]

Questionable Alltel Roller Coaster Commercial

Alltel might want to rethink their new commercial. It features the typical cell phone using family struggling with their current cell phone plan. This time the poor customers are waiting under a roller coaster hoping to catch falling change so that they can afford their plans. On the surface it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but when you consider the two high-profile accidents last year inclu...[Read More]

Saw Ride Opens at Thorpe Park

Brits Brace for a Horrifically Steep New Roller Coaster SAW – The Ride opened at Thorpe Park in Surrey, England last week. It opened appropriately on Friday the 13th. Apparently, the country is in quite a buzz. Multiple on-ride fan and BBC news videos have surfaced. Aside from the Saw horror movie theming, riders seem most fearful of the 100 degree drop.       Check out this B...[Read More]

Universal Orlando Super Bowl Commercial

All the beer commercials were cool, but like many coaster enthusiasts I perked up when I saw the Universal Orlando ad during the Super Bowl. I thought the ad was neat. Universal has to differentiate itself from Disney and the hero appeal is a nice approach. Also, I don’t feel like you normally see an ad that targets the Dads, but I could be wrong. As a former Marketing major I’d have t...[Read More]

OCC MotoCoaster @ Darien Lake | Coaster Reviews

MotoCoaster Marks New Era for De-Flagged Darien Lake On my recent trip to Darien Lake, near Buffalo, NY, I was happy to see that the park is thriving post-Six Flags. PARC Management, the new operators, have the park hitting on all cylinders. They even invested in a first-of-its kind motorcycle-themed launch coaster in the Orange County Choppers MotoCoaster. Darien Lake did a great job tying in the...[Read More]

Hard Rock Park Media Preview

Hard Rock Media Preview TripI’m back from my trip to Hard Rock Park for the Media Preview Event. I’ll have plenty of posts on this new park including an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Maximum RPM, a review of the Led Zeppelin coaster, tons of images, and a full park review. The park was impressive. The team behind HRP did an excellent job incorporating rock music into every aspect...[Read More]

American Idol Meets Disney?

Walt Disney World & American Idol Team Up Last week Disney announced plans for an American Idol attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World, Florida. It sounds like an immersive attraction where guests can experience auditioning, performing, and being judged. According to the press release: “That experience will include an audition process, open to all who registe...[Read More]

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