Review: Pigeon Forge Snow | Indoor Snow Tubing

While we focus primarily on roller coasters at CoasterCritic, I have reviewed some non-coaster rides like the popular Proslide Tornado. In that same vein, if you enjoy barreling down a hill at speeds of 30 mph or more, then I can almost guarantee snow tubing is down your alley. As I kid growing up in northern Virginia, I was fortunate enough to get a decent amount snow every winter. My neighborhoo...[Read More]

Review: Drop of Doom VR at Six Flags Great Adventure

OK, so Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom at Six Flags Great Adventure is not a roller coaster but it’s connected to one and Zumanjaro is in lockdown mode while Kingda Ka is operating and vice versa. For a limited time Drop of Doom VR, with Samsung headgear powered by Oculus, will be available from 3 PM to park closing time. While VR (Virtual Reality) has been available on a number of roller coasters, mainly...[Read More]

Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster Review

The Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster Ever since writing a post about alpine coasters, I’d been hoping to ride one for years. These cousins of traditional roller coasters are built on mountains, often giving ski resorts a year-round attraction. With alpine coasters (also called mountain coasters) there are two main differences from the roller coasters you find in theme parks. They always have solo...[Read More]

Guest Review of SkyScreamer at Six Flags Over Georgia

[notice noticeType=”info” ]Guest Review by Dillon of[/notice] Six Flags Over Georgia recently opened their newest addition, Sky Screamer. Being built to a height of 242 feet, Sky Screamer is a Star Flyer thrill ride made by Funtime. A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to ride Sky Screamer at the media day event. The day consisted of park president, Dale Kaet...[Read More]

SkyScreamer at Six Flags St. Louis – Review

My recent trip to Six Flags St. Louis included a number of new roller coasters for me and one non-coaster that I was really looking forward to. I’ve written about the recent invasion of the swing rides at theme parks across the country. I’ve got the current count at 5 WindSeekers at Cedar Fair parks and 5 SkyScreamers Six Flags parks in only the past few years. This spring, I got to ri...[Read More]

The Coaster Critic Takes on a ProSlide Tornado

 As the name suggests I almost exclusively focus on roller coasters when I visit theme parks. I’m starting to branch out a bit as I visit more parks with my family, but to me time spent on anything that doesn’t have rails and wheels is not time well spent. Last week, I found myself at the Charlotte, NC-area’s Great Wolf Lodge. These super-sized, outdoorsy-themed resorts are all o...[Read More]

Lex Luthor Drop of Doom – World’s Tallest Drop Ride Opens

Early Reviews of the World’s Tallest Drop Ride, Lex Luthor Drop of Doom at Six Flags Magic Mountain Lex Luthor Drop of Doom is here with its epic, record-setting drop of nearly 400 feet. If the insane drop wasn’t enough, riders are reporting that Superman Escape from Krypton’s cars are adding a bit of an extra wrinkle. If you happen to be riding when the cars climb the tower, you...[Read More]

Dinosaurs Alive! Reviews

Theme park chain Cedar Fair has been adding Windseekers (jumbo 300-foot tall swing rides) and Dinosaurs Alive attractions to their parks. For a $5.00 fee guests can enter a dinosaur park where they’ll encounter dozens of life-sized animatronic and stationary dinos. According to Wikipedia, Dinosaurs Alive! is currently at five Cedar Fair parks. The table to right lists the parks, the number o...[Read More]

Harry Potter & The Forbidden Journey Review

On my recent trip to Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure, my family’s focus was on Seuss Landing. My oldest daughter is a Dr. Seuss fan and loves The Cat in the Hat TV show. We enjoyed rides like the Caro-Seuss-el, One-Fish, Two-Fish, and of course The Cat in the Hat dark ride. As our evening at the park was coming to an end, we made our way to the impressively-themed Wizarding Wo...[Read More]

A Review of WindSeeker at Carowinds (Video)

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to be one of the first to ride Carowinds’ new 2012 attraction WindSeeker. Similar to the four that opened at other Cedar Fair parks last year, WindSeeker is a towering flat ride that lifts riders to a lofty 301 feet and spins them at 30 mph. It’s been described by the park as a family ride that’s also a thrill ride. Even though I typically stick to r...[Read More]

Coaster Stock 2010 Recap Pt. 1: Morning ERT & My Intro to Flyers

Coaster Stock Part 1: Morning ERT Carowinds’ roller coaster enthusiast event Coaster Stock kicked off with morning ERT (exclusive ride time). Hours before the park was open to the public, we had Afterburn, Woodstock Gliders, Lucy’s Crabby Cabbie & Flying Ace Aerial Chase all to ourselves. Are you wondering why three of the four rides are located in Planet Snoopy (the park’s childre...[Read More]

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